Arthur Greene of Deerhurst

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Vert, a deer rampant contourny Or within a bordure per saltire sable and Or.

Arthur Greene of Deerhurst served as the 3rd Baron of Wastekeep from May 21 AS XL/2005 to July 19 AS 43 / 2008

Awards and Honors
Blasted Tree (Wastekeep) Oct 2 AS 34 / 1999
Artisan (Wastekeep) May 13 AS 35 / 2000
Award of Arms Oct 7 AS 35 / 2000
Silver Keep (Wastekeep) June 8 AS 37 / 2002
Goutte de Sang Oct 5 AS 37 / 2002
Baronial Favour (Wastekeep) Jan 31 AS 38 / 2004
Baron (Wastekeep) May 21 AS 40 / 2005 through July 19 AS 43 / 2008
Court Baron July 19 AS 43 / 2008
Persona History

I was born in Deerhurst England, 3 Dec. 1339, about ten miles north of Gloucester. King Edward was reigning at this time. He took the throne in the year 1327. Ruling Royal House of England from 1154 – was Plantagenet, one of two houses of the Angevins.

Father, Charles Earl of Hwicce, was of Saxton decent. His services to the crown were at the will of the King. He was called to serve with the English forces in France at Calais in 1346. He returned home in 1348.

Mother, Cathryn, was a Welch lady. She being a strong willed woman was left in charge of the Manor when her husband went to war.

While Charles was away my older brother Robert was away being fostered and I am home with mother and my younger sister. My brother died of a fever in December of 1346. This made my mother fear for the lives of her other children should they be fostered.

My father who served with valor and on his homecoming relieved my mother’s fears that he had not been wounded. He allowed my mother to keep me close to home for another year. During this time my father began to see I had a talent in woodworking.

By late 1349 my father convinced my mother to allow me to be fostered to the master wood carver, Richard Carver, in Tewkesbury. From Tewkesbury we traveled to Stratford upon Avon stopping at various manors on the way and plied our trade. Heading back towards the south we stopped over for a few months in Evesham. We then headed back to Tewkesbury where my father came and took me home for the last two weeks in December of 1351.

Master Carver picked me up on his way south, where we are headed for Cheltnham. The work that we have been commissioned to do took us about 8 months to complete. Then we stopped in Gloucester and worked there for a full year. For the next year and two months we were commissioned for small jobs which consisted of carved pieces for churches. I learned very quickly and by the time I was 15 I had surpassed my mentor, and my work was in demand by many wealthy patrons.

I continued south choosing the kind of jobs that were not only fulfilling, but paid handsomely. I traveled all the way to Brycgstow, which is the southern port of Gloucestershire. Here I plied my trade for a number of wealthy patrons.

After a number of years I had amassed enough wealth to keep me in a comfortable style of life. Many of the commissions were often not what I really wanted to do as an artist. At the age of 25 I decided to give up the life of a commissioned artisan. Continue selected commissions for the wealthy as I traveled north towards Deerhurst.

During this time my sister had married one of my father’s knights and has a small daughter.

When I was about 28 years old I lost my parents and brother-in-law to fever leaving my sister to care for her small alone. I then return home to care for them.

Because the peasants now are able to demand wages for their labor I find I can no longer depend on an income from the manor lands and return to doing commissions to support my family.

I raise my niece as my own child and when she became 16 I arranged a marriage to the son of a wealthy merchant friend of mine. (Age 42 1381)

With her child cared for and married, my sister decides to join the sisters at St. Mary’s Parish in Deerhurst leaving myself without any obligations to fulfill.

I am finding life very trying under the new very young king and decide to travel and be master of my own life.

My first trip is to the land of my mother’s birth. I remember she had a large family in Wales and I want to meet them and get to know them. They found many jobs requiring the hands of a wood craftsman. After spending many years with my mother’s family there was this calling to return Deerhurst!

After arriving at Deerhurst I visited my sister who I missed very much. She was being very content in her life at the Parish. She had collected several messages asking for my services as a woodworker. This has kept me busy till this present time.