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Angharat verch Reynulf is a Welsh Border Marcher living in between Hay-on-Wye and Builth Castle in the 1340's. She is the Chatelaine for her brother Drakkus's holdings, as well as caring for her own holdings of a hyfod and manor. She is a competent seamstress, embroiderer, cook and can read and write. Her daughter, Rhoslyn merch Angharat loves to camp and participate with her as well, with a very large dose of volunteer spirit - often helping make sure fighters are hydrated, running errands for those in need, walking dogs, sweeping floors and anything else that needs doing.


Angharat Tent.jpg

Angharat's arms are Per chevron purpure and argent, two wolves rampant argent and a dragon displayed sable, with a badge (Fieldless) A wolf rampant barry argent and purpure. The Welsh motto "Syn ar dy hun" translates best into "know thyself."


In 2015, researching a secondary persona of a Karelian Iron Age Finn began, that of Valborg Hyvärintytär af Ihala , who has a separate badge: (Fieldless) On a comb argent a peacock vert. The Karelian Iron Age does not necessarily mean early Viking age, but could be up to about 1323, when the Treaty of Noteborg divided Karelia between Sweden and the Novgorod Republic. I enjoy the mélange of the cultures in this small area - with Swedish, Karelian, Ingre, Estonian, Latvian and Rus influences, even if it is a challenge to try and sort out which is most appropriate. Since there isn't much for 14th Century Welsh either, I suppose it simply shows my innate stubbornness too (or an appreciation for family history). The research into intarsia, which to be fair, the extant examples would be older than Iron Age, but are so cool-are what boosted my step into acceptance of the Laurel path.

Starting in 2020, while helping keep the secret of Raffaella's upcoming invitation to become a Laurel (which was made much, much longer thanks to COVID), worked with Vittoria di Carduci on making many things for late period Venetian, and was enticed to yet another persona, of Olivia di Carduci, who is Vittoria's younger half sibling and also related to Raffaella di Contino. Heraldic submissions for the name and badge, "Per pale purpure and argent, two chevronels inverted counterchanged" were registered in February 2023.

For 2024, goals are to work on refining my encampment, utilizing more of my hoard (it's too complex and large to be a stash), and pulling each of my persona's wardrobes to be more complete. Rhoslyn is concentrating on enjoying more and more volunteering and working on submitting her name and device to continue the family tradition.

Societal/Known World Highlights:

I first began playing in the early 1980's in Dragon's Laire, beginning as a male Welsh fighter Llewellyn with my brother Drakkus Blackrogue. From seeing Glamfolk members putting up signs for June Faire and sneaking out to check it out, enjoying the fighting as well as calligraphy - even getting my decidedly non-SCA friendly mother to pay for calligraphy lessons for the rest of the year under the guise of bettering my handwriting, and helping Owen O'Niall from time to time in his merchant booth or volunteering with constabulary in the late nights and waterbearing or heraldry during the day-I enjoyed it all. Anna the Lost, Elizabeth, and Darla Moore (Shoshone Woman) also all adopted me or had me help with things. Amusingly enough, my youngest brother briefly played within the SCA shortly after high school, and also used Llewellyn and similar basic persona information, without remembering what I had done!

Other persona's played with in the 1980's included Aelfreda Wulfe O'Niall, First Nations (Lakota Sioux and Cherokee, from my paternal family tree), an early Norse persona, and Irinei, a Byzantine persona. These were all inspired by family history, silhouettes of clothing styles, or people who inspired me to keep trying and playing. During college and my pre-children years, I traveled to many kingdoms and played, including Ansteorra, Ansteorra, Caid, the West, Trimaris and the East. Being a military brat back then certainly helped with the ability to travel! The Blackrouges, O'Niall, Clan Carn and 7th Cav were my primary households and support network during this time, though I also was involved with many others such as Clan Chattan.

After a brief break due to family issues, I began to play again in 1994 with my newborn son, starting back out with a Welsh persona - Bleiddwen segued to Angharat and more research to try and learn/portray the 1340's Welsh styles and cultures, while continuing to quietly volunteer, but having moved yet again and set down roots in Blatha an Oir. Clan Carn, Drakkus, and the Tribe became my primary support system as I slowly opened back up and became more active through the next score of years.

After beginning to officially hold baronial offices in 2001 as Baronial Herald, I lost the ability to hide in the shadows and began to receive baronial and kingdom awards. In 2004, I accepted the challenge to attempt the Blatha an Oir Sergeantry Trials from three Laurels and Sergeants I respected and in 2005 became a Courtier of Blatha an Oir. This merely formalized the open volunteering, but also allowed me to give back as members did for me as a youth.

At Ursulmas 2014, Tristan de Ver, of Clan Carn, took me as an Arcuarius. I enjoy target and combat archery, although being rear-ended coming home from July Coronation 2015 temporarily reined in my ability to pursue these interests. This was witnessed and encouraged by many, including Sir Geirlekr, who was responsible for removing me from my status as a feral arts person, and encouraging me into a mentor/student relationship with Master Charles de Bourbon. In many ways, I would not be where I am now, if it were not for Sir Geirlekr's support and encouragement.

At June Faire 2016, Master Charles de Bourbon accepted me as a student. This led to me participating more in creating clothing for Royals or assisting more with vigil and elevation preparations as well as leading to me participating with Kingdom A&S in 2017, where I was made a Scholar of An Tir. At Autumn War in 2016, I was made a Daughter of Loki. At May Crown 2017, I entered into apprenticeship with Charles, and also a member of the Priory of Saint Catherine.

At 12th Night 2019, I was given the invitation to join the Order of the Laurel in a Ninja Court during the Masked Ball along with my apprentice sister Disa, with my vigil and elevation happening at July Coronation.

At Autumn War 2019, I became Barwnes Angharat of Blatha an Oir, with Sheik Yusuf as my fellow Coronet. We were able to have Lord Defenders, Harvest Feast and Candlemas before the time of exile for the good of the land occurred for us all and no in person events or activities were allowed for anyone due to COVID. I also use the Finnish alternate title of Paronitar instead of Barwnes, and Mestari or Meistres as the options for my peerage title.

At Autumn War 2023, King Morgan and Queen Livia invested the new Coronets of Blatha an Oir, Baroness Elisabeth FittzWilliam of Carlysle and Baron Nels Ulfgar i Jaren, then created me a Barwnes of the Courts of An Tir. Sheik Yusuf was already a Court Baron, from his prior service jointly with Baroness Isabeau. At this time, I am focusing on my Kingdom job at LowenMahne Herald and continuing to host (and co-host) Sewing and Culinary Nights, and working on acquiring materials for my next Kingdom A&S entry.


Just about anything. Really. One little question just seems to point me down a rabbit hole for more and more. One goal I had when I first started was that I wanted to know a little bit about all of the different cultures that were part of my family history, and for me that was clothing, accessories, food, shelter, animal husbandry, herbalism, art, weaponry, jewelry, dance, games, music, and well, I think you get the idea. When you recall that I am a typical Heinz 57 American mutt, with ties to Welsh, Norwegian, Scot, Irish, English, Eastern European, Northwestern European, French, German, Basque, Portugese, Spanish, Dutch, Cherokee, Sioux, and Northern African cultures, I have a few rabbit holes pulling at me. At least it is a lot easier to access and store information now, my library takes up most of the walls in my home as it is! A nice side benefit of this is that when there is a themed event, it can be easier to blend in with the theme, rather than only wearing my fitted dress and surcote or my new Finnish undergown, peplos, and apron.

An Tir Award Recognition

Albatross (Nels Ulfgar i Jaren, Elisabeth FittzWilliam of Carlysle) ~ August 2023

Court Baroness (Morgan of the Oaks, Livia Alexandra Severa) ~ August 2023

Bountiful Hand (Morgan of the Oaks, Livia Alexandra Severa) ~ July 2023

Carp (Sven Fallgr Gunnarsson, Rauokinn Eyverskaa Starradottir) ~ March 2022

Forget-me-Not (Sven Fallgr Gunnarsson, Rauokinn Eyverskaa Starradottir) ~ July 2022

Bountiful Hand (Sven Fallgr Gunnarsson, Rauokinn Eyverskaa Starradottir) ~ July 2022

• 7th Baroness of Blatha an Oir (Morgan Claymore, Livia Alexandra Severa) ~ August 2019

• Laurel (Kjartan Dreki, Sha'ya Kjartanskona) ~ July 2019

• Royal Service Token (Kjartan Dreki, Sha'ya Kjartanskona) ~ July 2019

• Royal Service Token (Kjartan Dreki, Sha'ya Kjartanskona) ~ July 2019

• Royal Clothier Favor (Kjartan Dreki, Sha'ya Kjartanskona) ~ July 2019

• Baroness Favor (Aisha al Zahra, Blatha an Oir) ~ August 2017

• A&S Champion (Gernon Valletort du Harfleur, Aisha al Zahra, Blatha an Oir) ~ April 2017

Lion’s Mane (Styrkarr Jarlsskald, Dagrun Stjarna) ~ April 2017

Scholar of An Tir (Styrkarr Jarlsskald, Dagrun Stjarna) ~ March 2017

• Baroness Favor (Maricka Sigrunsdotter , Blatha an Oir) ~ August 2016

• Bountiful Hand (Eirik Daegarsson, Driffina Ulfgarsdottir ) ~ March 2016

• Bountiful Hand (Havordh Ættarbani, Mary Grace of Gatland) ~ January 2016

L'Ordre Du Guant D'or (Hengist Helgassone, Maricka Sigrunsdotter, Blatha an Oir) ~ June 2015

• Baron and Baroness Favor (Aleksii Konstantinovich Chernoi, Elspeth Nic Grath, Blatha an Oir) ~ August 2013

• A&S Defender (Aleksii Konstantinovich Chernoi, Elspeth Nic Grath, Blatha an Oir) ~ September 2012

Flamme De Or (Aleksii Konstantinovich Chernoi, Elspeth Nic Grath, Blatha an Oir) ~ August 2012

Order of the Jambe de Lion (Cedric Blackwell Rolfsson, Elizabeth Yvonne Owles) ~ May 2008

Panther's Torch (Sven Red Beard Einarson, Anne of BearsHaven, Blatha an Oir) ~ February 2006

• Courtier Sergeant (Sven Red Beard Einarson, Anne of BearsHaven, Blatha an Oir) ~ August 2005

Order of the Goutte de Sang (Skeggi Hrafensfuri, Taisiia of Ma Elring) ~ June 2005

Award of Arms (Skeggi Hrafensfuri, Taisiia of Ma Elring) ~ June 2005

Briar (Sven Red Beard Einarson, Anne of BearsHaven, Blatha an Oir) ~ November 2004

Golden Blossom (Sven Red Beard Einarson, Anne of BearsHaven, Blatha an Oir) ~ August 2003

Award of Arms (Davin Steingrimsson, Groa) ~ July 2001

Things I have done

Things I do and/or teach:


  • beginning combat archery as well as target archery
  • Host/teacher; weekly sewing night (currently Mondays) 1997 – present; co-host monthly culinary night (2nd Wednesday)
  • Basic sewing (machine or hand), applique, beginning embroidery; pattern drafting and fitting, basic garb instructions for several time periods and cultures, period bias hose, pavilions, intarsia, tent making/painting, making crespinettes
  • Cultural classes – Welsh clothing, welsh food, persona development, general culinary; intarsia, basic coil making and use
  • Heraldic display, banner painting, voice heraldry, how to help fill in for Court, how to recognize the different Coronets/Peers and address them
  • Make leather or cloth armor, gambesons and coifs
  • Make Iron Age or 14th century styles of shoes
  • Various subtleties and warners (illusion foods) – including but not limited to marzipan and sugar plate
  • Learning about period cooking for different cultures and time periods
  • Learning to use a drop spindle, do more complex tablet weaving
  • Leather working & Tooling – made my own quiver (to look like an illuminated marginalia) and arcarius bracer
  • Roman Style stone and wire necklaces (new skill)
  • Ithra Student (1990’s – )
  • Teach Ithra Classes in Welsh Tourney Food, 14th Century Welsh Clothing
  • basic charter painting and learning (re-learning period styles) calligraphy

Things in the more recent past:

Arcarius.jpg  Apprentice.jpg
  • 6 years as Bealidh Pursuivant, Blatha an Oir (step down in 2006), followed by long-term deputy herald for the next 4 heralds
  • 2009 – 2010 Chamberlain (stepped down during pregnancy for health)
  • Baronial Lists Mistress (09/2014 – 2017)
  • Courtier of Blatha an Oir (August 2005), Sergeant-Major (10/2014 - 11/2019), 2019 Made a Courtier Emeritus
  • Camp cook for Highland Korsairs, 2001-2003 (blending period/modern food and techniques at events for 20-30 people)
  • Assisted with baronial retinue from 2001 – 2019, as herald, retinue and Sergeant
  • Assisted on numerous Royal Retinues from 2009 to present
  • Helped with making numorous royal and baronial clothing, vigil and elevation clothing, and food for scores of vigils and elevations
  • Assisted in numerous event steward teams ranging in gate size from 25 to nearly 2000, primarily Blatha an Oir events – including:
  • Autumn War (6 years as Herald-in-Charge, 2 as a co-Autocrat, 3 as Iron Needle co-ordinator, 2 as A & S Class Co-ordinator), volunteered as teacher, at gate, water-bearer, and lists
  • July Coronation, BAO hosted (2003) Herald-in-Charge, constabulary
  • Sergeant’s Trials (BAO); 2006, 2007, 2011, 2015 – Autocrat/Event Steward
  • Candlemas, Celtic Bardic, Lord Defender’s (6 years with herald), 5 times helping judge Bardic or A&S Defender
  • Summer Hunt – Ran lists for the Karl Redstone Memorial Fighter Tourney 3 years running, added Chivalry award
  • June Faire – volunteered as herald (town cry and field), lists, A&S areas and tailor’s shop in the living history areas for multiple years
  • Helped cook for the Wye Not feast at September Crown 2014
  • Ursulmas - multiple years volunteering as voice herald or lists, 4 years as the lead heavy lists
  • One of the lead cooks for the 40 year Royal Feast at the Randall Site
  • Senior Student working towards Journeyman in the re-activated Kingdom Costumer’s Guild, participated in 2 of the tourney/event competitions – 1 Court and 1 Tourney garb-am now the Deputy to Maitresse Raffaella de Contino.
  • Blatha an Oir A&S Defender 2012; participated in the 2013 Kingdom A&S Championship as a full entry; placed in the Research Paper competition with the 1st and 2nd place Champion finalists.
  • Novice equestrienne – currently authorized for grounds crew, general riding, games and ground driving
  • 2013 – One of the team providing the marzipan and sugar plate for the first Kingdom Feast
  • 2014 - Arcarius to Tristan de Ver
  • Judged multiple A&S & Bardic entries at Kingdom and branch levels for several baronies
  • 2014 to 2017 – Baronial Lists Officer; Sergeant Major
  • 2016 - Student to Charles de Bourbon; made a Daughter of Loki
  • 2017 - Full entry KA&S, one of the first Scholars of An Tir, Apprentice to Charles de Bourbon, Protege to Raffaella di Contino
  • 2017 - BAO A&S Champion
  • 2017 - 2019 - Baronial A&S Officer, Sergeant Major
  • 2019 - Elevated to the Order of the Laurel
  • 2019 - current - 7th Barwnes (Welsh title) of Blatha an Oir
  • 2019 - 2021 - Scholar Herald
  • 2022 - current - Lowenmahne Herald
  • 2023 - worked with James Palmer to run a Club table at Norwescon to showcase An Tir, with multiple baronies assisting with shifts and display skills or equipment, Heavy Lists for Ursulmas, taught heraldry and assisted at Rose & Thorn
  • 2024 - Vigil coordinator for An Tir 12th Night (Team Awen), Heavy Lists for Ursulmas, assisted as a Lobby Host for the SCA DEIB Collegium


Pieces of the earliest times past (1983 – 1997, pre-house fire):

Blackrouges.jpg Teren and Mom.jpg

  • Participated in the beginning days of Dragon’s Laire – a member, baking coin of the realm, and assisting with pied piper, as well as a few stints with constabulary or town cry at events like June Faire back in Frank Raab Park.
  • Volunteered with waterbearing, lists, gate, feast server and kitchen help, gold key and attended demos to help out in Caid, Atenveldt and Artemisia during college (1986 – 1989)
  • Participated in demos or volunteered at events in Glymm Mere, Madrone, Dragon’s Laire and Blatha an Oir, including my infant son after his arrival in 1994.
  • Heavy fighter, preferring wars over tourney – glaive or Florentine style, then sword and shield with the shield wall for Clan Carn.
  • Member of House BlackRogue, Clan O’Niall, Clan Chattan, 7th Cav, Highland Korsairs, and Clan Carn,
  • Learned basic SCA costuming, preferring 12th – 14th century, with one Tudor gown in black and red while pregnant. Helped with costuming household members and newcomers.