Anastasia Aleksandrovna Andreeva

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Former Baroness of Madrone with Lee of the Lowlands

  • First Arts and Sciences Champion of An Tir
  • (Order of the Coeur de Lyon)
  • Second Bardic Champion of An Tir
  • (Order of the Lions Troubadour)
  • Order of the Laurel

Apprentices of Anastasia Alexandrovna Andreeva

Order of the Golden Swan (2006)

Principality of Tir Righ Arts and Sciences Champion(2008-2010)

Barony of Aquaterra Arts and Sciences Champion (2009-2010)

Former Editor of the Newsletter From the Skin Out for the Kingdom Costumers Guild (8 years) Former Editor of the Newsletter Aucupium for the Kingdom of AnTir Hunt Guild (4 years) Editor of the Newsletter HArts of An Tir for the Kingdom Equestrian Guild Editor of the Newsletter Embellish for the the Kingdom of An Tir Embellishers Guild

Is a 16th century Russian persona with a masters of Ithra in Russian Cooking and Russian Costuming. Makes Gloves and does Beadwork, also has a masters of Ithra in these as well.

Alternate Persona is a 16th century Eastern European Gypsy known as Anya the Gypsy. This persona does all the Bardic including storytelling in Rom and English.

Anastasia Also does Gypsy Dancing

New personas include 17th century Dutch and 14th century Turkoman.

The Turkoman does the Equestrian Arts.

Major contributions include Herbal cosmetics and Medicine, embellishment, bardic and costume.