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Argent masoned sable, a squirrel sejant erect gules and on a chief embattled azure three acorns each within a laurel wreath Or.

The Canton of Akornebir (Walla Walla, WA) is located in the Inlands Region of An Tir, within the Barony of Wastekeep.


"Akornebir" comes from the Old English "ācweorna" and "burh," and is taken to mean an "old fort inhabited by squirrels." As a place-name, it dates to 1213 A.D.

In 1999, founding members applied for incipient status with the Society, and the Canton became an official branch in June of 2001 (A.S. XXXVI).


Canton Officers

Meetings and Practices

Council Meeting

Council is held monthly. Please contact our Seneschal to confirm times and places for the meeting.

A&S and Fighter Practice

Every 4th Monday of the month at 6:30p.m. Check the Wastekeep Calendar for location and contact information.

Traditional Events

Newcomer's Encampment (May)
As You Like It (November)


Akornebir website