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The Saga of the Shipcrew, as written by Duke Tiernan mor dal Cais and Baron Styrkaar Jarlskald

Listen land-bound, and let your folk hear
The grave sea-growl god-granted verse,
Of spray-splattering ships, sweet in a man's ear,
Of wide-faring warriors, of Waveraper's prowl.

In ancient days dire, Daegar Fair-hair,
Gunnar's-get , golden hersir,
Announced at winter's-end accolades he would win.
Sailing the swan-road wealth he would seek.

At Ursulmas he urged, "Upon Aegir's road
Let the sea-skilled men seek word-fame."
Fame undying, foretold Fairhair, would belong to those
Who wavered not and Waveraper's crew joined.

Closely clamored those keen on battle-fame winning.
Of Battle-breakers gathered, best were those
Who heeded the call of the king's hersir.
Mighty were the men made his shield mates.

Hear now of heroes in hero-helms,
Of Daegar's boys brave and bold.
Men who wield keen-edged weapons,
Who fell famous sea-kings and feed on gold.

Cedric Rolfson, helm-hewer, heeded
Ring-breaker's rally, rightfully chose
To serve sword-wielding Swede, and added
His hard-won fame to heroes list.

The Hoary Hun, Corin hears the call.
Whole hosts he will destroy,
Making dense massacre. Many leagues
Corin crossed from Hunland for Crew to join.

Mighty Murrough of Eire made known
His desire. Deathwounds dealing would he.
Wielder of gleaming wound-snakes would
Sail on the sturdy serpent of the waves.

Wide upon WaveRaper's deck would
Phaelin Tinafirnan deal a fiery death.
Doughty Dal Cassian Daegar's crew was fain to join
In bright byrnie and blood-stained cloak.

Osrik, archer fell, went as one with uncommon courage.
Bright-byrnie would keep his bone-house whole
As long as Osrik remained Odin's friend,
And solidly strode sea-king's courser.

Kvarin, Freytis' cunning steed came not late
Heeding hero-call. Hersir's spear-bearer,
Hoard-hungry, hied to Daegar's side.
His cunning craft for the Crew working.

Battle-breaker, beloved of Morrigan,
Anluan Au Cais answered Daegar's call
Long raven-locks loosely bound
Float over battle-fury while foemen flee.

War-tested Tiernan took gold-giver's grip,
Hersir helper happily joined.
Black-browed bard of battle-plain
Answered All-father's call, joined acknowledged brave.

These then became the best of companions.
The mighty man had metefully chosen
From all the tribes of the free fierce warriors,
Battlers, best would brothers be.

Nine men, Norns embracing now marched to the sea.
There the ship was floating that sea-skilled man
had promised, prow skyward pointing.
Waiting on wind and warriors to be far departing.

Armored axemen on prow alighted;
Calm sea-currents eddied; they carried weapons,
Stored them on the ship, shining bright ornaments
Brave battle-dress. Bold journey began.

Across open seas, Aegir carried.
The foamy necked faxi, flew like a bird.
Till in good time tiring not,
The curved prow craft came so far

Sea-faring sailors sighted land.
Silvery sea-cliffs, steep-sided gorge,
High upon hillock a hall they built,
Weary winter there they weathered.

War-weary men woes forgot in Daegar's hall,
With benches broad and beer of the best.
Mead made sweet the maiden's breath.
Beautiful ladies bared snowy breasts.

The rafters rang with laughter and well-wrought merriment.
In the midst of merriment, called for mead
And the fight-lord loudly cried from his lofty seat,"
"A kingly quest I proclaim to quicken your hearts.

"Hand to the heroes the golden cups hither."
Ale made auspicious heroes awaying.
Heroes made haste over highland and lowland,
Chargers bit-champing, crossed cheerless black forest.

Clever Kvarin quietly took Osric aside.
"Golden glitters gladly take,"
slyly spoke swif t-footed farer.
Craftily, clever two switched riddle clues.

Mile after mile men raced,
All unknowing of Osrik's treachery.
Phaelin followed false sign,
Alas, Anluan as well was deceived.

Corin and comrade combed woods for trail.
Masterful Mongol muddled tracks ignored,
True clues, cunningly crafted,
Unravelled under astute Corin's gaze.

Wended trail wearily, under waterfall
Led, at last, long and trying trail.
Head height Corin found treasure hanging.
Fafnir's folly at last was found.

Outstretched arms only water finding,
Lo, heaven's laws apparently lying broken.
Upward against earthbound water
Treasure trove quickly traveled.

Heaving on hempen rope hauled clever duo.
From frustrated Corin's empty fist,
Kvarin and Osric carried quickly away
Daegar's dangling dwarven gold.

Later that long night, laughter finally
Bested bitter feelings. Best of friends
Remained, rowdy raven-feeders,
In warm hall held heroes' feast.

While warriors wandered long in search of gold,
Faoltiarna and Freytis had fires tended.
Long labored over fire-spits lovely maidens.
Feast unfathomed, save in All-Father's hall.

Best of boar, long-basted beast
Fully fedfeasters in Daegar's hall.
Heaving haunches heroes celebrated long into the night.
Best malted-barley from brazen horns drained.

Four seasons finely filled
by wave-riding warriors with manly deeds.
Wild wave-steed wandered far to foreign shores.
In far-off lands fought fierce battles.

Atenveldt's armies arrested by the glaive-glad,
Caid cravens cowered at their sight,
Western warriors wetted kilts in fright.
Shipcrew banner shines over shattered foreign shields.
Western warriors, wasted by Waveraper,
fled fierce foemen.
Outlander, out-sized madus made meek.
With flaming brand Waveraper sailed.

Striding through spear-storm, brave Skogar became battle-companion
of wave-riders. Weapon-friend found on wind-swept ways.
Mighty man of Finnland, he of Aegir's get
gathered gold and fame at Fairhair's fire.

Rolf Longbow, Waveraper's Waylan, forged four fine weapons
Deadliest of these death-dealers, Rurik Battle-prow
well-tested in war, fells foe with fine-edged axe
baring brains brought forth with bearded boon-companion.

Brandt Sturrock, boar of battle, Gunnar's get,
enthralled by eager Ostmen, found freedom in fame.
Boar became bulwark of shield-wall,
standing fast amidst steel-storm.

Slipped seal-skin, Jofinn Kelpie-born
crouched at Corin's side, cutting clumsy foes.
Sailing through steel-slash, beloved of Ran
battles through burn below ground.

Kjartan Daegarson, Tiernan's Shieldman
brawled and battled way aboard Waveraper's deck.
Hard-won fame found this fierce warrior
while cowing Comitatus' Caiphus.

Corin's Catch, Qoyor Shingotai showed as shield-maiden,
foeman fall as readily to fierce onslaught as to any other.
Tai's terrible tulwar and daring darts destroy
all who oppose our Crew. Come not here for comfort.