Roberto des Mountana del Feugo

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Roberto des Mountana del Fuegomundanely Robert D. Allen, passed away December 17 XXXIX / 2004 at the age of 60 in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. He was an founding participator in the workings of Terra Pomaria during the early 1990s seeing her transition from shire to barony along with his lady wife Nerissa of the Golden Sea who survives him. Roberto may be best described as a behind-the-scenes contributor of service in Terra Pomaria, well remembered for slaving away in the kitchen of many of the Terra Pomaria Fall Events during the early-mid 1990s. He also held the office of constable while the branch was still a shire. Upon retiring mundanely and from the SCA, Roberto and Nerissa had taken up a life of traveling that eventually landed them in Ansteorra where they were in the midst of constructing a dream home when he passed away suddenly. He remains a Terra Pomarian and An Tirian forever more both by actual SCA participation and in spirit. Roberto held an Award of Arms and a Silver Apple service award in Terra Pomaria.