Michael the Big

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Lord Michael the Big

Mike Heywood started playing in the SCA with a dance class taught by Vicountess Gwendolyn Beg MacDuff in the then Shire of Stromgard now a Barony encompassing Clark County, Washington, USA in about 1984 or 1985. Previous to this, he had been a shy gaming kid and theater nerd. Michael later served as Stromgard's seneschal for three or four years, near the end of which he was awarded his Award of Arms. It took him several tries over several years to finally settle on and pass his arms with the college of heralds.

Then came a long period of only very intermitant contact with the SCA.

In 2013, after living north of Kelso Washington, Michael got interested again in visiting his old hobby and seeing if it still might be the inspiring joy it once was. He is now a resident in River's Bend.