Mariah Blackfire

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The banner of Mariah Blackfire as displayed at Long and Short of It XXXIX/2004 while merchanting. Photo from Terra Pomaria Grete Boke.

Mariah Blackfire– Mundanely Mary Disbrow, passed away May 11th AS XLII / 2007 at the age of 66 in the Barony of Terra Pomaria, Principality of the Summits in the Kingdom of An Tir.

Mariah Blackfire November 28th at Harvest Grand Ithra XXXIX/2004 while attending a class. Photo from Terra Pomaria Grete Boke.

Mariah was a long-time resident of Terra Pomaria who's particpation may described as "behind the scenes;" She often volunteered for a host of activities including children’s bardics, assistance with favor production for Gawin and Marianna of Terra Pomaria and town crier heraldry as well as periodic vending for her own personal endeavors. Mariah was very strong-willed and greatly enjoyed arts and crafts that invovled stitch work. She was a member of House Blackthorn and also participated in other medieval role-play organizations, namely the Empire of Chivalry and Steel. She held an Award of Arms dated August 24 AS XLI/2006 from Amalric and Caia and a Baroness Favor from Marianna ferch Orla, 2nd Baroness of Terra Pomaria awarded Jul 9 AS XL/2005.