Magda of Deerhurst

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Her Ladyship Magda of Deerhurst (aka Mairghread Murdoch, submitted change to Magdalen Murdoch of Derhurste)


mka Margaret Vockrodt

Protege to OP Maistreas Anderwyn na Sionain Banbharun (Baroness) An Tir known as the Burgundy Baroness, AoA, GdS 2x, JdL, OP WOAW, An Tir Kingdom Seneschal Emeritus, Senior member of River's Bend's service recognition "Fellowship of the Cattail" The Lady of the House of Eala.

Archarius to Archos Sionaid in Cullaich, OGGS, GdS, Central Region Archery Marshal, An Tir.


Award of Arms Jan 10 AS 38 / 2004

Bell & Chain (Stromgard) Feb 7 AS 38 / 2004

Seamair (Stromgard) Sept 12 AS 39 / 2004

Goutte de Sang Oct 28 AS 41 / 2006

Fellowship of the Cattail, First Level (River's Bend) Aug 25 AS 42 / 2007

Jambe de Lion Aug 25 AS 42 / 2007

Fellowship of the Cattail, Second Level (River's Bend) November 22 AS 43 / 2008

Fellowship of the Cattail, Third Level (River's Bend) November 21 AS 44 / 2009

Silver Seastar (Stromgard) May 29 AS 45 / 2010

Projects Seneschal - Shire of River's Bend September 2007-

Autocrat: Defender's Tourney and War, River's Bend, 2009

Supervising Autocrat: Irish Feast, River's Bend, 2009

Autocrat: William Tell, River's Bend, 2006, 2007, 2010

Designs and illuminates scrolls for River's Bend, designed and illuminated Grey Goose Shaft scroll January 2008

Magda ggs scroll.jpg

Teaching Bead Embroidery classes for Ithra, 2007, 2008, 2009

Teaching Bead Embroidery classes for Academea de Studiosi 2010

Made largesse for TRMs Cedric and Elizabeth, Arnsbjorn and Reginleif Stromgard

Made Pennsic bags and helped make contents, 2010

Made Pennsic bag and helped embellish, sew and fill bags at July Coronation, 2009

Won first place for bead embroidered paisley at September Crown, Embellishers Guild

Won First Place in Intermediate Category (16th Century Tudor) - Costumer's Guild Contest at 12th Night, 2011

Magda of deerhurst.jpg
Magda beaded pomegranate.jpg