Katrine de Saint Brieuc

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Katrine de Saint Brieuc was born in 1120 in the manor of her father just outside of the town of Saint Brieuc on the coast of Brittany. Her father, Aleyn, a minor Breton Baron was matched with a Norman ward, Adele. Katrine's great-grandfather had aided the Conqueror, and her grandfather had taken the holy crusade to Jerusalem, so the family was respected for valiant and loyal service when required. Katrine was their only child, as Aleyn passed away soon after her birth. Adele kept the manor, and with a moderate dower, some years later, Katrine married the local heir to the manor of Belle Assize, Jean.

Jean and Katrine were vassals of Duke Conan and his wife Maud, the illegitimate daughter of the English King Henry I and spent much time at the court in both Rennes and nearby Penthievre. Katrine became quick friends with Constance, the youngest daughter who was her age. When Louis made the call for another crusade to the Holy Land, Katrine and Constance travelled with their husbands to Paris in 1147. Constance was called on to wait upon Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Katrine attended Constance as her lady. When it became clear that Eleanor was to go on the crusade, both Constance and Katrine made plans to accompany her and their husbands as well.

There were many troubles on the crusade, and she barely escaped with her life to return home after her husband went missing at Aleppo. Now it is the year 1160, and Katrine is again the lady of the manor at Belle Assize. On her lands she produces linen for sale, and tries to avoid the Bishop of Saint Brieuc when she can, as he is always asking for more donations. She often travels to visit Constance and recount the stories of their great adventure to the breathless court. When at home, in private time, she can be seen walking the misty cliffs that overlook the sea.

Katrine, in the SCA, is a companion of the Order of the Laurel, and prefers to be called Maitresse when it is necessary for such formalities. Her societal specialties, in part, include 12th century clothing and textiles, the history of Saint Brieuc and spending an inordinate amount of time in the library hunting up any resource that suits her fancy. Katrine has an alternate 16th century German persona - Katharina Runzin Zirkles which developed from her studies of the history of her ancestors of the town of Werdau.

Baronne Katrine has served as the second chronicler to the Barony of Blatha an Oir and loves to make clothes for others in the society.