Katelijne van der Ast

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Katelijne's arms - Quarterly gules and sable, an ash tree eradicated ermine

SCA History:

Katelijne joined the SCA in the fall of 2002 (AS 37). She is a Flemish woman from the late 16th century hailing from the town of Antwerp.

Current Branch:

Katelijne is a resident of the Barony of Montengarde which is in the Principality of Avacal.

Past Branches:

  • Katelijne was a previous resident of the King’s Lands, Principality of Avacal from A.S. 39 through 42 (2004-2007).
  • She also resided in the Barony of Lions Gate, Principality of Tir Righ from A.S. 37 through 39 (2002-2004).


  • Katelijne is the current Regent of Their Highnesses' University of Avacal (THUA). Current information regarding the University can be found here here



Interests and Areas of Personal Research:

Katelijne at Avacal's June Coronet being presented as inspiration to her husband Don Iain Archibald Guthrie A.S. 41
  • 16th Century
  • Agriculture
  • Bread Baking
  • Costuming
  • Dutch and Flemish Culture
  • Embroidery
  • Fibre Arts
  • German Culture
  • Knitting
  • Mining
  • Natural Dyeing
  • Rapier Combat
  • Rosaries and Paternosters
  • Wheat

Katelijne also has a personal blog that includes research and experimental musings. Most posts are protected and you need to contact her to gain access - rectangularcat (at) livejournal (dot) com. You can find the blog here.


Katelijne is available to teach at Ithras, University Sessions or any other event your group might be having. She needs little advance notice to teach the following classes:

  • Natural Dyeing
  • Historical Rosaries and Paternosters


  • Katelijne is an authorized rapier fighter and a current senior rapier marshal.