Judith de Bruges

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Judith de Brugesmundanely Virginia Runner, passed away May 23 AS XL / 2005 at the age of 71 in the Barony of Terra Pomaria, Kingdom of An Tir.

Judith de Bruges dressed up for an unknown occasion, June AS XXVII/1992, photograph from Terra Pomaria Grete Boke
Judith de Bruges is simultaneously inducted along with Lionel the Woodworker of Antwerp as the first members of the Order of the White Scroll in Terra Pomaria by Cesare the Merchant and Astrid of Flanders, founding Baron and Baroness of Terra Pomaria, Feb 20 XXVII / 1993 at The Festival of the Melting Icicles. Photo from Terra Pomaria Grete Boke

Joining the SCA around December AS XXIV/1989, she was one of two first simultaneous inductees into the Order of the White Scroll of Terra Pomaria, the Barony’s highest order, along with her lord husband Lionel the Woodworker of Antwerp. She was also the original holder of the Office of the Grete Boke and once held the office of Gold Key in the same place. Sadly, she is the first member of the Order of the White Scroll to pass away. Judith was an early contributor to the transformation of Terra Pomaria from shire to barony, having been a signer of the petition to attain baronial status presented to Their Majesties Gunnarr and Gabriell at May Crown Tournament XXVII/1992, May 16th. Other Awards and honors bestowed upon Judith include membership in the Order of the Jambe de Lion, receipt of a Silver Apple for service in Terra Pomaria and she was given founding Baron Cesare the Merchant’s personal favor. She was well-known for having made the original blue cushions for the Baron and Baroness’s chairs circa AS XXVII / 1992; the cushions are still in use as of AS XLI / 2006 having served three landed Barons and Baronesses. Judith’s last two SCA appearances were at the 20/10 Anniversary Revel of Terra Pomaria and Ducal War both held in AS XXXVII / 2002. Mundanely, she was the mother of fellow SCAdians Finna Grimsdottir (aka Fionnghuala inghean Aoidh) and Jeane Chantal la Bouviere who survived her along with her lord husband.

The last SCA appearance of Judith de Bruges pictured at far right Sept 20 AS XXXVII / 2002 during Ducal War held on Terra Pomaria lands. Also pictured, left to right: Cesare the Merchant, Astrid of Flanders and Judith’s lord husband Lionel the Woodworker of Antwerp. Photo by Rafe Neuton from Terra Pomaria Grete Boke