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Founded in 2012, House Rawicz is a small house focused on service and helping others achieve their goals.

The banner of House Rawicz.


House Rawicz was founded in 2012 by a small group of people getting in to the SCA at the same time. All friends in real life they decided to create a banner and a name for themselves. At the time the thought was for Rawicz to be a polish household, but it time morphed into an all inclusive grouping. However, it remained true to it's polish roots, and kept the banner of the historical Herb Rawicz from Poland.

Why is that Lady Riding a Bear?

An old Polish tale states:

According to the legend, an English king died without leaving a properly perfected testament, so his last will was expressed from the world beyond. He left a crown and all immovable property to his son, and all movables – to his daughter. Being instigated by his councilors, the Prince decided to fulfill his father's will nominally. He ordered to drive a black bear (which undoubtedly was a unit of king's movable property) to a Princess' bedchamber. In case of Princess’ death that seemed inevitable, the King's wish would be fulfilled and Princess' failure to manage the movables would be proven. However, the Princess did not only tame the beast but even rode out her chamber on its back, upraising her hands and calling for justice. Her brother made sure that truth and heaven take sister's side. He asked her pardon and married her off to a Duke of Lorraine, with all due property as a portion. As a keepsake Princess gave her descendants a coat of arms with a girl riding a bear depicted on it. This coat of arms was called "Rawicz". It symbolizes ability to overcome difficulties with honour, to change confusion into victory.

Story lifted from Wikipedia.

Founding Members:

Pani Jadwiga Radomyskova

Pan Mikołaj Radomyski

Lady Ursula von Freiburg

Lady Genevieve DeMarais

Lord Li Yan

Lady Yzabels de la Costa

Members of the Household

Adelia Baldrik


Thorkell FitzHrothgar


Ulric von Malburg

Falco de la Mar

Allies of the Household

Godith d'Arcy of Goosefoot Mead