Gwyneth Blackthorne

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Member of House of Hunter. Lady Gwyneth Blackthorne dwells in the foothills of An Tir's wondrous mountain region, in the northeast corner of the Barony of Three Mountains.

Gwyneth started in the society, known as Festivae, in AS 30 in the company of Bethany of Flanders (eldest daughter of Baron Cesare and Baroness Astrid of Terra Pomeria) now called Bella Serenus. Joining the society in the household of the Baron and Baroness, Gwyneth was taught the importance of volunteering and makes it a point to offer her assistance whenever she sees the opportunity. She takes special pleasure in the planning and organizational aspects.

After Cesare and Astrid stepped down as Baron and Baroness, Festivae (then called Glenna Forsyth) chose to broaden her horizons and begin eventing with a group of people reccomended to her by her good friend Alaina (now called Alyeeanna Blackthorne). This group was Clan McCready. She rose quickly within the household, first being assigned as Kitchen Help, then Cook, then Historian, then Chronicler, etc. Alyeeanna has since moved on with a group known as the Ergh Pirate Fleet and Glenna found herself wandering what the sea would be like. So Glenna left the clan and started her life at sea, still keeping in touch with the friends she had made. Tragically only two years later the most of the clan died in a horrific fire, Glenna (then and now called Gwyneth Blackthorne) wept for days after this senseless loss.

For a time Gwyneth and Alyeeanna sailed together until Alyeeanna grew tired of the restless sea, seeking solitude on land. Gwyneth was sad to see her go, but understood. For loyalty to her crew Gwyneth stayed with the Ergh for another year before taking her leave and seeking her fortunes on land. She traveled for quite sometime before discovering her "cousin" Sarrin Blackthorne relaxing at The Sleeping Dragon Inn. With Sarrin was another Gwyneth's "cousins" Lord Galen Blackthorne and Gwyneth found herself entranced by the tales he was telling of the household he traveled with. House of Hunter sounded very inviting, and after meeting the founders Brian of Ledbury and Gwydion Hunter Gwyneth decided to petition to join.

She is now a member of House Hunter and happier than she has been for a very long time. Gwyneth cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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Award of Arms (An Tir) Granted by: Vik Vikingsson, Inga the Unfettered Mar 21, 2009 (AS XLIII)

Throne Favor (Summits) Granted by: Brian of Ledbury, Acacia Gryffynn Jun 20, 2009 (AS XLIV)