Gera Gangolffin

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Gera and Christopher at 12th Night 2022


Barunin Gera Gangolffin, OP, and her husband are currently the 13th coronets of Madrone. In a peerage context, she prefers the title "Meisterin", but being a landed coronet takes precedence over that.


Born 1485 (currently 1535), Augsburg, Bavaria

Married to Christopher MacEveny, mercenary Captain and Wild Goose from Ireland.

Gera gave birth to two sons. First son Faris of Madrone, a wandering minstrel, was lost to the falling sickness. Second son, Zachariah of Moore, was born in 1507, is a mercenary soldier, and new father.

Gera is literate and numerate, owns land and conducts business, and serves her family and community. She enjoys tailoring, pattern-making, embellishment, minor metalsmithing and jewelry, painting, and reading.

She sometimes pulls her great-great grandmother's clothes from the attic and dresses in the houppelandes and kirtles of a century ago. She's also occasionally been known to wear Ottoman clothing in the heat of the summer.


Barunin of Madrone, 2022-Present

Livestream Coordinator, Kingdom of An Tir, various events 2022

Kingdom Seneschal Education Deputy, Kingdom of An Tir, 2020-Present

Kingdom Events Deputy, Kingdom of An Tir, 2017 - 2021

Event Steward, [[Emprise of the Black Lion XVI, 2017, 2019, 2019, 2022

Variously, contingency Seneschal, Social Media Officer, Webminister, Barony of Madrone

Awards Coordinator, Their Majesties Christian and Helene, 2017

Event Steward, Kingdom of An Tir, May Crown 2017

Seneschale, Barony of Madrone, 2015-2017

Courtier, Barony of Madrone, 2014-2020

TAM, supporting the Wyewood range regularly, 2013 - 2017

Various gate head and listmistress roles, 2014 - present

Gera's elevation to the Order of the Pelican in 2020


Order of the Pelican, King Morgan and Queen Livia, 2020

Mantle of Madrone, Baron Enzio and Baroness Spike, 2018

Lion's Mane, King Styrkarr and Queen Stjarna, May Crown 2017

Goutte de Sang, King Havordh and Queen Mary Grace, September Crown, 2015

Green Leaf, Baron Stefan and Baroness Emmelina, Bards and Blades, 2014

Courtier of Madrone, Baron Stefan and Baroness Emmelina, Emprise of the Black Lion, 2014

AoA, King Ulfr and Queen Caoimhe, June Faire, 2013


Started the "Seneschal Boot Camp" in 2020 to provide ongoing virtual training to new seneschals

Bullying, Harassment and Sanctions - 2021

Reviewing and Negotiating Site Contracts - recurring - 2020-Present

Seneschal Basics - recurring - 2019-Present

Event Oversight for Seneschals - recurring - 2019-Present

Meetings that Don't Suck - Western Region Seneschal Training, 2019

Kingdom Event Stewardship - Collegium, 2019

German Smallclothes: The Hemd - Embers and Ambrosia, 2016

Printing Press and Protestant Reformation -- Madrone Baronial A&S, 2014

Period Favors -- An Tir West War, 2013

Modern Life

Modernly, Jeri enjoys her longtime job as an IT manager for a regional telecommunications company.

She engages in reading, painting, hiking, kayaking, open water swimming, scuba diving, travel, and spoiling her granddaughter.