Gareth Albaric of Eastbrook

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Apprentice to Mistress Alisaundre. Active Bard in the SCA since 1982. Former member of KAWMDC (Kingdom Award Winning Madrona Drama Company) pronounced: Kawmduck. :) First Baronial Bardic Champion of BAO. 3 time Celtic Bardic Fest Champion. 2nd Western Regional Bardic Champion (pre-Ermine Cross) Avowed Shakespeare afficionado.

I was introduced to the SCA in 1981 in Calafia, in Caid by a friend who was the Head of a Russian household. He took me to my first event, where I saw my first tourney. I exclaimed, excitedly, while watching the armored fighters, "I really need to do that!" He looked at me and replied, in all seriousness, "I don't know...I think you're too small." I got transferred to the Naval Station Sandpoint soon after that, and was walking on base one day in June of 1982 when I espied a car with a bumper-sticker saying; "They can have my broadsword when they pry it from my cold, dead hands." I grinned and then saw the SCA sticker in the rear window. I left a note under the wiper on the windshield to contact me RE: The SCA. That night I got a phone call and, after a lengthy conversation, planned to attend my first event in Madrona that weekend.

I received my AoA from Duke Sir Torgul, during his first reign as King, at an Ursulmas, after winning the "Dog Meat" tourney. I have received service awards from Madrona & Blatha An Oir. I received my Jamb de Lion from Her Majesty Laurellon during her reign as Queen. I have been a Sergeant of Madrona, and am currently a Sergeant of Blatha An Oir.