Elspeth of Wyre Forest

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Elspeth started in Terra Pomaria in the early fall of 1991. The first event she attended was The Feast of Melting Icicles in 1992. This event was later changed to Winter's End . The first tournament event was Bar Gemels and the first crown event was May Crown Tournament which was hosted by Terra Pomaria. Angus McClure was the autocrat for this event along with Cesare the Merchant.

Elspeth became very involved. She was always busy doing something.

Serving as an officer in Terra Pomaria: Deputy Chatelaine Chatelaine Deputy Seneschal Seneschal (baronial) & Deputy Seneschal (regional) Seneschal (regional) List Mistress

With the help of Mhairi mon myn Cymru, she organized activities for children long long ago in the "Shire of Terra Pomaria" all before it was called Pied Piper or Minister of Children. Children were taught straw weaving, candle making, and various games. They were given blank papers and crayons for illumination, together Elspeth and Mhairi made puppets and put on a puppet show for them and the populace, they colored macaroni shapes [stars, fish, tubes & alphabet) for the children to string necklaces and bracelets out of. They even organized “List Pages.” Children were given the opportunity to assist with the fighting lists by carrying the results of each round from the field herald to the list table. They made tabards and decorated straws hats to identify the list pages to heralds and list keepers as well as to keep the sun off of them.

Elspeth assisted with numerous demos at the 4-H Youth Camp, Salem Library, various schools in Salem, Stayton, Independence and Dallas as well as attended and participated in a couple of Coeur du Val’s Mom’s Day demos and both “Winter’s Knight” demos.

Elspeth has autocratted, co-autocratted (We weren't event stewards then) ran the kitchen or assisted with merchants, gate, marshaling, lists at several events and revels. Richard's Return, Feast of Melting Icicles, Winter's End, Bar Gemels, Long & Short of It, Autumn Tourney/Crimson Sky, May Crown, July Coronation, Rivers Faire, Baroness War, Egils, Ducal War and others which can't be remembered at the moment.

When Terra Pomaria was in need of cloaks and banners, Elspeth was there as a team with Mhairi. Mhairi drew and designed while Elspeth constructed a large two sided banner, a small baronial banner and a heavy champion banner as well as the lightweight cloaks for the baron and baroness.

As baroness Elspeth read through and added to and thinned out the sergeant study guide, created a written exam & scheduled workshops for candidates. Baroness? Shew! - Goodness that's a tough job! Don't let anyone try to tell you different!