Crimson Star

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A "pirate ship" household based in the Shire of Lionsdale, circa 1997.

Original Members:

Connal MacLaomuinn

Dougal MacLaomuinn

Kieran Gunn

Pierce O'Briain

Ailric the Green

Astoria La Menusier

Ayngus MacGregor

Aislinn O'Connor

Luther Magnus

Dominiqua Perreira

Tristan MacKendrick

Captained by Connal MacLaomuinn, Cadet to Don Mathieu Thibaud Chaudeau de Montblanc of Black Star Company.

As "mercenaries" were frowned upon, Crimson Star was desperately trying to gain official An Tir "Privateer" status.

The Ship itself was sunk as told in the ballad "Pierce's Wake".

Crimson Star was an onslaught of SCA newbies who were crashing headlong into the reality of the politics of the SCA. They made an impact, this combination of drive and idealism. Though reality as usual set in, and it weakened the household as its members left the crew and moved on (or stopped playing in the SCA altogether), the bonds between many of them remain strong, even though they rarely interact. Somewhat like having been army buddies during a war.

The members of Crimson Star, as well as the ship as a whole, were heavily involved in facilitating the Canton of Lionsdale becoming the Insipient Shire of Lionsdale. Several members (primarily Kieran Gunn as Seneschal, Pierce O'Briain as Master of Stables, Aislinn O'Connor as Mistress of Arts and Sciences, and Dominiqua Perreira as the all-around behind-the-scenes Go To Girl) spearheaded the move to full shire status. As one of the predominant households in Lionsdale, Crimson Star took in the vast majority of newbies over the years and continued to pass on the knowledge and skills required to further The Dream.