Conchobar Clarsair

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Conor thumb.jpg also known as Conor the Harper Conor device.gif

  • Resides in the Barony of Three Mountains
  • His interests include: Celtic harp, costuming, music, jewelry making, lampworking, leatherworking, weaving, and woodworking.

Currently making a Baronial circlet in Magyar style in silver and gold. Working on brooches and pendants in bronze.

Formerly cast Kingdom award medallions for Goutte de Sang, Jambe de Lion, White Scarf, Forget-Me-Not, Lion of An Tir, Silver Rose, Silver Lily, Laurel (and Laurel circlet), Pelican (and Pelican circlet)


Music Sample


A superb host and one of the most quietly dedicated gentles I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Some while ago, I had the delight as a poet of introducing an audience to his work on the harp, and have since been told a number of times that that performance made "magic" for many folk at that circle (Ursulmas, a few years back). Conchobar can draw an audience into his meditations on early Irish existence with a few well struck notes, and keep them in that dream happily.