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In the beginning

In the beginning, there was the Mo (Moca Sozinhia). From the sea foam rose forth a body of female wonders true to Aphrodite that became known as the Mer (Mer Serene), and thus the formation of a small 'fleet' of ships, which were given charter in the SCA by then-ruling King of An Tir, Sir Aveloc. Designed to bring the life of the mariner and those who lived and or associated with such adventures to the forefront of SCA thinking, Lord Arthus De Winterton has developed a mission statement which will help guide the Fleet to the next level.

The Castillian Fleet was named in honor of the late* Admiral Armand Chavez de Castille, founder of the fleet. At one time it was one of the “Household’s” within the SCA that call the Kingdom of An Tir their home with over 100 members. Since about 2003-2004, we have dwindled down to two ships each about 15-20 crew apiece.

* Armand isn't actually dead.

Member ships

The fleet has over time consisted of four ships, the Moca Sozinhia, Dragon’s Blood, the Mer Serene and the Sapphire Dragon and two clans: Drakkar ( a Norse Clan) and House DeWinterton. We have associations with many other Household’s such as the Rogues of Avalon, Clan MacLyon, House Deleon and, more recently, the Barony of Three Mountains (the local SCA chapter in the East County portion of Portland, Oregon). In addition we had a mercenary group that formed to handle training of heavy and light fighters within our fleet.

Currently the fleet consists only one of the two ships which founded the fleet, the Mer Serene. The Moca Sozinhia was sold to purchase land and a tavern on the shore, and we now rely on the cunning skills of our sisters on the high seas to bring our goods to shore. Join us at the Castillian Trading Co. any time you see us! (okay so in reality we burned our ship at Sea Dog Nights in AS 43/2008, but it sounds better to say we sold it!)