Cáemgen mac Garbith ui Andrais

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Resides: Lions Gate
Date Started: August 2007 / AS 41
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Vert Ermined a Bordure Or

Cáemgen is a vassal to the Baron of Lions Gate. He has marched with his armies, performed for his populace, and served whenever and however he was able.

Early Life

Cáemgen mac Garbith ui Andrais (called "Kevin" by the living Saxons) started his independent life as a young Irishman striking out to test the murky waters of an Eire without the Ostmen. He left the southern province of Munster, where his family had long served the Eóganachta. He set out to visit Glendalough, where his namesake had founded a monastery of great beauty. The pilgrimage was not easy though. He moved slowly north along the eastern shores, finding and skirmishing with lingering Ostmen. Cáemgen used his basic skills at archery to assist wherever he could. After more than a year of travelling, in 902, reckoned as A.S. 42, he arrived at the Black Pool.

Dyflin had been left barren. The Gaels of Áth Cliath had moved down into the settlement and were beginning to reclaim what had once been the sacred well. Cáemgen spent a month rehabilitating the area with the locals before moving to the Monastery of Saint Cáemgen. There he met with the followers of his namesake and determined he had two choices. Continue on into the heart of Eire; to Tara or Armagh, or move outwards onto the sea - perhaps to follow the Ostmen who had held sway over his island for so long.


He negotiated travel on a little berlinn, taking the meagre possessions he had left Munster with: a light bow, a pair of ill-fitting tunics and the road-worn cloak of his uncle. He struck land moved in from the coast. He found service for Karalus Simplex, King of Western Francia. The Ost, or Norse as the Franks called them, had not let up their raids as they had back home. Cáemgen spent the next years fighting for Charles and starting a family among the Bretons of Roazhon. His first child died in infancy. His second child, Seamus, was taken by his wife when she left him for another man.

Cáemgen sank into despair, and with no one left to mend it while he marched for Charles his household gradually sank into disrepair and destitution. When not fighting the Norse, he spent days drinking and fighting his neighbour Bretons, or strong arming for traders.

Generally discontent, and furious at the rumours Charles was planning to cede the northern coast to Norse raiders, Cáemgen set out upon the sea again. He brought little more with him then he did when leaving Eriu. Merchantmen, always glad to have a (semi) disciplined strong hand onboard took Cáemgen away from Francia. Months later, the man, ready to start his life again, set foot in the Barony of Lions Gate. Upon he had a silver ring gifted to him by Charles, a small bundle of clothes and his bow. His arrows, and everything else he had owned in Brittany was traded away for bottles upon bottles of apfelwein, some of which could still be found on him with enough searching.

Courtier-Applicant Caemgen at Sealion War

Lions Gate

He eventually made land in the Barony of Lions Gate. The poor sea-drenched boy was taken as a fosterling into the house of a beautiful Gael noblewoman, Bernadette Ebhilín Árd and her Scottish lord, Kenzie McBeighn.

Determined to take a more active part in the battles to come he began to train with the people of Lions Gate and was taken as a Man at Arms. Not to be remiss in the other skills and talents of a Fer midboth, Cáemgen was named Bardic Champion of Lionsdale in that year, and exploited many opportunities to promote the art.

Perhaps a bit precociously, at the first Tir Righ - Avacal War Cáemgen applied to the Sergeantry of Lions Gate as a brithem. Having seen his worth, and his dedication the MacAndrews took him as one of their own.

Caemgen recieves his courtier-ship from Her Excellency's hand

Tiarna and Brithem

During a long sweltering weekend in August A.S. 43, after less than a year in the realm Cáemgen proved himself a master of many talents and won himself a position as brithem to Her Excellency Caitrin ni Cingeadh of Lions Gate. As well as being tasked with protection of Their Majesties An Tir, Cáemgen continued to further his place within his new home. Appropriately enough, at the Kingdom celebration of Bardic Arts he was made a Tiarna by the hands of Their Majesties, with Their Highnesses Tir Righ and Their Excellencies Lions Gate looking on.

Shortly after, Cáemgen took on a new oath to serve Alden Doorbreaker as a man-at-arms. At his Baroness’ birthday tournament, he fought for his dazzling Inspiration for the first time. He then travelled to the far-away stretches of Avacal. He won word-fame for himself and his people amongst the friendly tribes there.

During the long winter months Their Excellencies Lions Gate saw fit to place great store of trust and honour in Cáemgen and named him Sable Loat Pursuivant, a great officer of the Barony. The snow and harsh winds died and as the light of spring grew Cáemgen marched with the forces of An Tir to war against the dread southrons at Estrella. When he returned home he girded himself for the coming campaign season. He passed on the title of Lionsdale Bardic champion to a worthy successor and saw rightly to the growth of such talents. Through much hardship and sickness he was tested, and was admitted to another of Lions Gate's inner circles by being named Bardic Defender late in A.S. 43.


This was a position that sank deep into Cáemgen's heart and soul. For the next year he would perform as loud and as often as possible. He sang the songs of ancient and powerful creatures, contested the Skalds of Tir Righ and brought eternal wordfame to the reign of Ulfgar. He aggrieved the whole of Avacal with his fiery words. On Beltaine, on the dawning of A.S. 45 Cáemgen performed what was to be his greatest piece so far. As the sun shone down on fair Lions Gate Cáemgen told a tale of a fairy princess, an ugly horseman, and a cunning Irishman. When all was said and done he had taken Aelwyn as his betrothed.

That spring he was seen stirring up discontent and rebellion amongst the Seagirtians.

Cáemgen had been judged, and deemed well fit into the role of Bardic Defender. When he passed the mantle on to the man destined to become the next Baron of Lions Gate, he was inducted into the Order of the Lion's Fang in recognition of his service to the Waxing of the Word.


A woaded Caemgen leading the forces of Fian MacAndrew
As the summer harvest grew Cáemgen again took up his sword and pike to fight for Lions Gate, Tir Righ, and his Clan. He stood with his Baron against the invading hordes of Seagirt and their allies. When Avacal marched across the mountains Cáemgen again stood with his people and beat back the advancing marauders. Those Avacalians who were literate, or who had congregated to hear the his words, knew to keep an eye out for him, and Cáemgen was a well-hunted target.

As the harvest called back Lions Gate's warriors, many different and conflicted groups descended the fertile Valley to vie for control of the unaligned swords in the Barony. Rather than have a murderous tribe from afar take precedence, Clan MacAndrew fielded an army to keep the Warlord of Lions Gate in Lions Gate. Cáemgen was hailed rigfennid, or War Chief, and began assembled his forces. Traditional MacAndrew bastions of Archery and organizational service were covered. The Clan's reputation and respect earned us a strong contingent of rapier forces. Armoured combat was a little harder to cover. Through careful negotiations and exchanges of gift Cáemgen was able to secure the loyalty of Kerry Mac Geraidh Mor and his band of honourable combatants. Aelwyn crafted fine rings and torcs for Cáemgen to gift to his forces, and on the first day of conflict Fian MacAndrew rose through the masses of assembled mercenaries and elite tribesmen to gain a spot of respect and honour, if not victory. All of his forces distinguished themselves and he couldn't have been more proud than to lead them.

It was shortly after this that Cáemgen and his clan-sister Ceara inghean ui Mhadadhain decided to offer themselves up as candidates for the Baronial seat. Later, at the Celebration of the Reign of Griffin and Caitrin, Cáemgen stood proud witness as his Clan-sister Margaret Hamilton of Stirlingshire was elevated as Baroness of Lions Gate alongside her husband. It was also at this festive occasion that Cáemgen was recognized for his short-lived but bright-burning contributions to the Kingdom. Tiernan II and Miranda II made him a Bóaire and inducted him into the Order of the Goutte de Sang.

The Return

For a time, Cáemgen left Court and spent his years tending home and building a House of his own with his beloved. But the sun marches on, and glorious summers become chilling winters.

In Anno Societatis 50, an older, wiser Cáemgen returned alone to Lions Gate. He again took up the mantle of Sable Loat Pursuivant before embarking on a tour of the Principality of Tir Righ, reacquainting himself with the customs and peoples of the land.

(Here the manuscript ends, presumably because the author was called way from their recollections.)