Thorkell FitzHrothgar

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Resides: Midhaven
Date Started:
Awards: Order of Precedence
Offices: Master of Stables (Midhaven)
ThorkellHaraldsson Device.gif
Azure goutty d'eau, on a pile raguly argent a fir tree eradicated gules


Sir Thorkell was knighted at July Coronation A.S. XLVI by Skeggi II and Taisiia II under the name of Thorkell FitzHrothgar. He was formerly known as Thorkell Haraldsson.

"Let all know, that Kings and Knights did lay down their worldly steel upon one mans shoulders. Thorkel this past Friday eve has been sent forth upon his vigil to Knighthood. Witness this man who encompasses all that is best in all of us!" Spoken by HRM Skeggi after Gulf War XX