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Hlaefdige Tove Horselei, OP, GdS, OLL is currently the Equestrian officer and a deputy herald for the Shire of Midhaven. She has served for many years as the shire's herald, and is the wife of Sir Thorkell FitzHrothgar.

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Kingdom Equestrian Authorization Officer (2014—current)

Midhaven Equestrian Officer-EMIC of the monthly Horse Practice at Lang’s Horse & Pony Farm (2001- current)

Herald of the Shire of Midhaven (1988—2013)

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Equestrian Marshal of Midhaven (1988-current)


Owain & Wrenn during all their reigns

Svaric & Dalla

and for An Tir Royalty attending Pensic, Gulf Wars,and Estrella War


Senior Equestrian Marshal and has been the MIC for numerous equestrian events

Event Steward of the 3rd and 4th Black Lion Emprise and has continued to support it since it moved to Madrone in 2005

Equestrian MIC for the annual Sable Rose Emprise tournaments since 2002

Reservations Steward for Midhaven’s yearly Harvest Feast

EMIC or asisted in running the equestrian Championship for the neighboring Barony of Aquaterra for many years

At every Gulf Wars and Estrella War she attended, she volunteered in the equestrian area in her “spare” time from retinue duties

At several Autumn Wars, helped the EqMIC with equestrian setup, take down, and marshalling, vital help since this was a primitive site and much equipment (plus water) had to be deployed in order to have equestrian.

Assisted at several September Crown events


Honored Marshal of An Tir for over 20 years of service marshalling for equestrian and heavy weapons events


Award of Arms Sept 2, 1990

Goutte de Sang July 17, 1999

Lion et de la Lance Aug 27 2005

Forget-me-not (Miranda) Nov 17, 2007

Prince’s Favor (Owain) May 10, 2008

Princess’ Talon of Favour (Wrenn) May 10, 2008

Tulip (Midhaven) June 20, 2009

Forget-me-not (Wrenn) April 17, 2010

King’s Favor (Owain) July 17, 2010

Forget-me-not (Wrenn) July 17, 2010

Belated Rose July 17, 2010

Silver Dolphin (Aquaterra) Nov 19, 2011

Honored Marshal of An Tir May 19, 2012

Court Baroness July 16, 2016

Golden Estoile (Aquaterra) September 2017

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