Seth Starr

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AS XXXVI First Battle of the War of Feast or Famine

Here Seth Starr Seagirt Champion

Drank of Odin's Drink With Duncan Druim Doineann's

Spear tree and shield bearer large soldier of Scotland i

Many cups carried up and cunning words given ii

When knave of Nicholaus iii by naming and claiming

Stole Seagirt Barony's sea-sheep iv numerous.

Returning to his ring-giver raging of treachery,

Seagirt's double-sword v to vengeance spoke.

Then warrior's warrior William Baron,

Seagirt's soldier, Earl Brendan's son, vi

Who frequently fought 'gainst foul fiends of Lions vii

And won many wagins of weapons' war,

With hale hall-troops and hammer's leavings

On the salmon-ship viii sought the whale road ix

The weighty wave-skimmer wearing wooden war-necklace

Bearing the timber tables of terrible sword-servants. x

To ground came the gold-friend grim cleaver of shields

And from fierce fishers fair tribute claimed. xi

Came then doomed Duncan determined to drive them,

All the bold Barony from bright southern shores.

Seagirt's spear-tree stepped onto the strand,

Fierce filler of graves to face the Scot xii

As wondrous world-candle wrapped white and grey

Rose over rolling water, the raging warriors clashed xiii

Three times thrust, and thrice engaged,

Bright blood flew high and Duncan#s bone-house

Came crashing down, cold spirit forever fled. xiv

Now wept the peace-weavers, xv while warriors charged

Fated they fell on that fearful beach

Slaughtered by spears, slain in the strife.

All during that day was death dealt by Seagirt

Mangled fishmen hung, morbid and pale,

From sharp skewers of savage eastern spears. xvi

Riding to rescue came Raven's lady.

Fair wager of war a warrior queen. xvii

Swift struck-down was the sword-maid,

Long-legged Lioness by the leavings of hammers,

Done in by double-blades, destroyed in her fury.

... xviii

Black bird of death, baleful raven came,

Feasting on the fallen strewn on the field.

And war-wreaked bodies the wolf#s meal made... xix

This poem was composed by Æringunnr Yrsudóttir ca. AS XXXVII for a Bardic War point for the War of Feast or Famine.