Nikolai Grendal Gornych

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Once upon a time, Master Nikolai, or Grendal as he is more commonly called, was serving on a Royal retinue. Most of the Retinue were seated about a table, breaking their fast, but the King had risen to attend to some private matter in his pavilion, when the Kingdom Seneschal (or possibly the site autocrat) came running up with news of some crisis the King needs must hear of immediately.

He approached the table in great haste, crying, "Where is the King? I must speak to His Majesty at once!"

Timing being what it was, at that moment, Grendal let forth a tremendous, wall-shaking belch.

A wit (possibly Jarl Barak, who had served many reigns as Royal Herald) responded to the poor flustered official with a shrug and a glance at the immense Viking next to him. "Grendal ate him," he said, completely stone-faced.

Master Grendal, whose size and skill with weapons belies his considerable intelligence, had the elan to cover his mouth and look chagrinned.

Poor Seneschal. He almost believed him.

I know another story about Grendal, but I should leave it to Dame Arwen Leoncourt to explain how she became known as Arwen Grendalsbane.

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Master Grendal loves blacksmithing