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The Madrone populace badge in a chamfron shape, as displayed by the Guild

The Madrone Equestrian Guild promotes the equestrian arts in the Barony of Madrone and the Shire of Wyewood (formerly a canton of Madrone).

The Guild hosts a ever growing website of equestrian resources, including original articles on many useful equestrian topics and listings of upcoming events.

The Madrone Equestrian Guild holds a regular meeting in the greater Seattle area on the fourth Thursday of every month. Anyone interested in learning about local equestrian events or wishing to get involved with local SCA equestrian activities is welcome to attend.

The Madrone Equestrian Guild promotes equestrian activites by holding practices, clinics, and organizing and enabling equestrian activities at SCA events. Practices alternate between Gryphonwood Stables in Olypmia, WA and High Valley Stables in Issaquah, WA.


The Madrone Equestrian Guild uses a variation of the populace badge of Madrone (fieldless, a madrone tree eradicated proper). When used by the Guild, the populace badge is placed on a white field within a chamfron shape, and against a green background.

Active members of the Madrone Equestrian Guild usually wear a green arm or leg band with this symbol when assisting with equestrian activities at events.


Membership in the Guild is open to anyone who is interested in SCA equestrian activities and who wants to attend Madrone Equestrian Guild meetings and assist at Madrone Equestrian Guild events. It is not necessary to own a horse in order to take part in the Guild.


The group that would eventually become the guild first met in October, 2001, and was for a time known as the "MadWood Horse Club." The club was encouraged to become a guild of the Barony of Madrone by Baroness Anne-Marie, and was officially recognized as a chartered Madrone guild by their Excellencies Baron Ragnar and Baroness Bergdis on August, AS 38 CE 2004.

The Madrone Equestrian Guild was awarded an Award of Arms by Their Royal Majesties Amalric and Caia at September Crown, AS 41.

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