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A berfrois is a term used to describe a gathering of individuals (oft ladies) spectating an event. The gathering may be assisting in judging, providing tokens of admiration to the participating, or simply enjoying the revelry. The term should not be confused with 'boudoir' nor 'bouffant'.

When addressed, the phrasing is "The XYZ of the Berfrois". By example, "The Ladies of the Berfrois".

Web Definition

From [1]: A grandstand, usually built a full story above the level of the lists, housing the ladies and other noble spectators of the gallery for a hastilude or tournament. Also known as a scaffold or escafaut.

Notable Examples

At the North Sound Sergeantry Trials & Sable Rose Tournaments XLIX/2014, the Ladies of the Berfrois helped judge both the Sable Rose Emprise Equestrian Challenge and the Sable Rose Pas d'Arms. They consisted of members from multiple areas of An Tir.