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The Wolfpack is an anachronous group dedicated to researching and recreating pre-17th-century history through both combat and the arts and sciences. If you are at all interested in joining or would like more information please see our contact information at the bottom of this page.

The Wolfpack members participate in two different entities: the SCA household, and the UNBC Medieval Club.

On the battlefields of Clinton 98, a rag-tag band of mercenaries found themselves working together to fend off armies from the south. A general passed by and yelled, "By what name shall you be known?" Silence fell, and then a lone mercenary screamed out the name "Wolfpack!"

...and so we were born.

Our founding group, Varghala, is situated out of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. As we have expanded, we have moved into new territories. We now have a prosperous group to the south known as the Southpaws. They are based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and live thoughout the lower mainland. To the west, we have the Seekers. They have members in Smithers, Terrace and Kitimat. Most recently we have begun to take over the Thompson - Okanagan with the Bloody Grahams in Ramsgard. We have members living throughout North America and Europe as well. As a whole, we are known far and wide as "The Wolfpack!"

Since our birth, this growing band of mercenaries had made its impact across the land. Many events in An Tir have hosted us and we have enjoyed them all! In our own home community (Prince George), the Wolfpack has fought in front of many a crowd, drawing support from the locals and thanks for the many events we have supported. (Though the young ones will always have our heart...as where else will new generation of Wolfpack members come?)

But what is Varghala? Varghala is where brave Wolfpack members go when they pass away and therefore whenever we charge into battle everyone will be able to hear our battle cry of "VARGHALA!"

Never underestimate our non-fighters! They are a talented bunch--from singing, playing, and dancing, to some of the amazing arts they have produced (and the food!). And we fighters do not forget the importance of the water bearers and the marshals! Wolfpack women are the craziest! Wolfpack Awards

Every four months we hold a Household tourney to determine our Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Alpha, the winner of the tourney is the leader of the Wolfpack for the next four months. Our stringent requirements for our Alphas are often misunderstood, as we demand absolute fealty from our leadership. Beta, the one who finishes second, is responsible for leadership decisions when the Alpha is not around. Omega is the highest finishing Newbie, who is responsible for motivating new fighters! In addition to this, any fighter who either wins three Alpha tournaments in a row (and thus holding the title for one full year) OR wins a total of ten Alpha tournaments earns the rank of the Dire Wolf.

Our other awards are Arts and Science Champion (winner of the last Arts and Science competition), Devoted Wolf (for the one in the last four months has promoted the wolfpack through a lot of hard work), The Chain of Cawdor (most gruesome death in a Alpha tourney), Constable (appointed by the Alpha, responsible for taking care of the misbehaving) and Brew Meister (I think you can guess this one). We also have a new title, as of the spring of 2005. The Alphas of our three packs have agreed that Ieuan Gower has earned the title of Wolfpack Champion.


Dutchess Caoimhe (Keeva) ingen Domnaille, Duke Sir Ieuan Gower, Dutchess Gwyneth Gower, Sir Argyle MacMillan, Kaliban, Scruffy, A.B.E., Magnus of Chula, Dr. Mean, Otto, Faelan, Lanyon, HL Elena Bobrovnikova, HL D'mitri Kozhevnikov, Viscount VikingR, Viscountess Lishinia, Viscountess Kolbera Varsdottir