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Quarterly sable and gules, a goblet argent within a laurel wreath Or.

The Shire of Vinjar (Grand Prairie, AB) is located in the Principality of Avacal.

The people of Vinjar began their quest to become an SCA branch in November of 1998. The Barony of Borealis under the leadership of Baron Alfheim and Baroness Adeline accepted and supported their petition to become a canton and in April 1999 Vingaard (as they were then known) presented their official request to TRM Aveloc and Laurellen. Word came forth on September 24, 1999 that this branch was official recognized as an incipient canton.

The name Vinjar and the branch device was approved by at the Kingdom level College of Heralds in December 2001 which allowed for the group to start the process to become a full canton. Mistress Sadb submitted their petition to TRM William and Sibhan on February 21, 2001.