Krenn von Salzburg

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Krenn (left) fighting with his friend, Magnus, at Clinton, 2007

Krenn was the Kingdom Webminister from 1994 to Dec 31 2010. He organized the Kingdom web team and mailing lists, and performs primary system administration functions on the Kingdom's server. After stepping down as Kingdom Webminister, he continues to be a part of the web team, as the system administrator.

Awards: AoA, GdS, Alb

Activities: Web Stuff, Armouring, Heavy Combat.

Known Accomplices and Affiliations

Web notability: a videoblog called "Return to Fighting Trim", on YouTube. This contains videos from fight practices in the Barony of Lions Gate.

Krenn's not-yet-submitted arms

He is currently trying to blazon his arms, and in consultation with the local heralds has come up with "Azure, in fess between a mace fesswise and a helm affronty argent three mullets Or all within a bordure embattled argent", although there are apparently concerns about "slot-machine" appearance.