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HL Gwir verch Merewith is a citizen of the Barony of Wyewood. She enjoys a wide range of SCA activities including event planning and volunteering, writing research papers, taking a wide range of A&S classes, and thrown weapons.

Persona: Born 1182 (currently 1230), Chepstow, Wales.

Married to Vechnyk Tvoromir Danilov, a Rus merchant, whom she met on a trip of his to Chepstow.


  • Gate Lead, Wyewood Champions, September 2023
  • An Tir Culturewiki Deputy, April 2023-Current
  • An Tir Norwescon Table, April 2023 - promoted An Tir at a table shift at Norwescon
  • Exchequer, Barony of Wyewood, April 2020-August 2022
  • Prize Coordinator, Wyewood Day of Archery, June 2022 - Sought donations from populace members to be used as prizes for the event.
  • Planning Team, An Tir 12th Night 2022 - Created site copy. Assisted with social media and other communications. Assisted with planning of live stream.
  • Planning Team, An Tir Ethereal 12th Night 2021 - Co-hosted Welcome Point.
  • Virtual Support, Barony of Wyewood - Hosted monthly virtual FCS meetings. Proposed, implemented, and managed Zoom account for Barony of Wyewood.
  • Event Steward, Wyewood We Wait?, August 2020 - Planned virtual event for Barony of Wyewood to create connection in early quarantine.
  • Kingdom Seneschal Support, July 2020 - Researched contents of Kingdom Seneschal Handbooks and reported findings to current Kingdom Seneschal.
  • Special Project, An Tir Seneschal, October 2019-February 2020 - Researched Seneschal handbooks for An Tir's Kingdom Seneschal for a special project.
  • Co-Event Steward, Wyewood Champions and Baronial Investiture, Barony of Wyewood, August 2019 - Stepped in with another co-steward two weeks before the event to execute the annual Wyewood Champions competition. Conducted pre-event and post-event administrative duties. Promoted event and communicated needs on social media and the Wyewood email list.
  • Fundraising Gift Basket, An Tir July Coronation, July 2019 - Coordinated donations for a gift basket for auction to raise money for the AFSP.
  • Note Taker, Barony of Wyewood Baronial Meet & Greet, June 2019 - Captured Q&A session for Baronial candidate meet and greet session.
  • Event Steward, Feast of St. Bubba, Barony of Wyewood, February 2019 - Led a team of core planners, the Feastocrat, and volunteers in executing an annual feast. This included regrouping with Barony leadership and the team to move the event to a month later and a different venue due to weather issues. Coordinated with Sergeantry activities with clear communication and positive outcomes. Increased people involved in planning and execution by 300%. Increased participation in activities by 150%. Monitored budget according to event bid.
  • Volunteer, Arts Unframed, September 2018 - Assisted Event Steward in promoting the event through the Facebook event page and Barony of Wyewood Facebook group. Planned a scavenger hunt activity in cooperation with the Event Steward. Assisted Event Steward by creating a voting form for choosing a favorite presenter.
  • Volunteer, Wyewood Champions, August 2018 - Assisted Event Steward in promoting the event through the Facebook event page and Barony of Wyewood Facebook group. Planned an auction to raise funds for improving the Wyewood regalia.
  • Event Steward, Feast of St. Bubba, Barony of Wyewood, February 2018 - Planned annual Baronial feast with classes and competitions. Added additional classes for attendees. Monitored budget according to event bid and ended with` excess income.


  • La Compaignie de la Forche (Service Award), Barony of Wyewood, September 2021
  • Baronial A&S Champion, Barony of Wyewood, August 2019 – August 2022
  • Compaignie de la Cuillier (A&S Award), Barony of Wyewood, August 2019
  • Award of Arms, Kingdom of An Tir, June 2018
  • Argent Increscent, Barony of Wyewood, February 2018

Arts and Sciences Activities


Wyewood A&S Champion, August 2019


  • The 17th Century Game of Noddy - Entered in Wyewood Champions, August 2018
  • Medieval Attitudes Towards Spiders - Entered in Wyewood Champions, August 2019; Updated and entered in An Tir Kingdom A&S, March 2022
  • Opus Anglicanum – Exhibited at Virtual Athenaeum, 2020 and 2021


  • Medieval Attitudes Toward Spiders, Embers and Ambrosia, April 2019
  • Finger Cord Making, Collegium, October 2019
  • Organize Your Research with Electronic Tools, Collegium, October 2020 - As part of a panel that I assembled.


  • “Next Time You Use Oak Gall Ink, Thank a Wasp”, article for Barony of Wyewood newsletter, February 2020

Other Arts Activities

  • Largesse Contributions
  • Planned and managed Wyewood A&S Competition for Wyewood Champions, 2022

Modern Life

Modernly, Kris works as an Elementary School Office Manager where she loves using her administrative and customer service skills to create a welcoming environment for students, staff, and families.

Her hobbies include many creative activities including embroidery, crochet, pyrography, painting, mixed media collage, writing poetry, and journaling. She also enjoys traveling with her husband and just spending quiet time at home with their cats. She values hiking time with her husband.