The Rapier Champion of Terra Pomaria

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The first of two championships created in the reign of William and Elspeth, 2nd Baron and Baroness of Terra Pomaria, the Rapier Champion is the third earned title created in Terra Pomaria that began at Winter's End XXXV/2001.


Determined annually at Winter's End. The style of combat and weapons used to determine a new victor by tournament is traditionally selected by the current champion. The tournament has traditionally but not exclusively contained a "plank battle" for combatants as well as the first three out of five wins in the final round.


Entrants competing for champion are not required to have a consort. Since Winter's End XXXVI/2001, the consort of the Rapier Champion has been deemed eligible for receipt the Honor of Elspeth's Iris of Terra Pomaria per the will of Elspeth, 2nd Baroness of Terra Pomaria.


Includes a cape bearing a rapier sabre in the barony's colors, a baldric bearing the same as the cape, the baronial sabre (that victor's hold while being sworn into the championship during court ceremony) and a scroll listing the chronology of the rapier champions in a framed container. All regalia has been created by previous Rapier Champions with the charge to future champions to continue adding to it.

Roll of Rapier Champions

AS XXXVI/2001 consorts eligible for the Honor of Elspeth's Iris by will of Elspeth, 2nd Baroness of Terra Pomaria
1st Kendall Tempest from March 24th AS XXXV/2001 to February 23rd AS XXXVI/2002
No Consort
2nd Bridget O'Fearghail from February 23rd AS XXXVI/2002 to March 15th AS XXXVII/2003
Consort Hans Dürrmast von der Wanderlust
3rd Tuirn Brecc from March 15th AS XXXVII/2003 to February 7th AS XXXVIII/2004
Consort Elspeth of Glendinning
4th Chrestien de Valois from February 7th AS XXXVIII/2004 to February 12th AS XXXIX/2005
Consort Selvaggia Tomassi
5th Kincaid O'Lorcain from February 12th AS XXXIX/2005 to February 11th AS XL/2006
Consort Kenna McGregor
6th Chrestien de Valois from February 11th AS XL/2006 to April 28th AS XLI/2007
Consort Theodosia de Valois
Although the Rapier Championship Tournament took place at the Terra Pomaria Winter Event resulting in the selection of a successor, due to Gawin and Marianna of Terra Pomaria stepping down prior to the event, Chrestien had to remain champion until a new baron and baroness were elevated for his successor to be elevated.
7th Armand Chavez de Castille from April 28th AS XLI/2007 to February 9th AS XLII/2008
Consort Eden Celeste
8th Emilio Cerventez de Santo Domingo from February 9th AS XLII/2008 to February 14th AS XLIII/2009
Consort Constance de Wenwort
9th Sebastian de Winter from February 14th AS XLIII/2009 to AS XLIV/2010
Consort Catarine Quhiting
10th Sean O'Sirin from February 27th AS XLIV/2010 to February 11th AS XLV/2011
11th Jacopo Battista de Luca from February 11th AS XLV/2011 to February 25th AS XLVI/2012
12th Monseigneur Chrestien de Valois from February 25th AS XLVI/2012 to November 16th AS XLVIII/2013
Consort Theodosia de Valois
The Barony decided to change the event for the Rapier Championship after Winter's End (February 2012). The new event, Martinmas, did not happen until November of 2013 necessitating a much longer term of service for Chrestien.
13th HL Andrew Crowe from November 16th AS XLVIII/2013 - November 1st AS XLIX/2014
Consort Rose Atherton
14th Tessina Felice Gianfigliazzi from November 1st AS XLIX/2014 - November 21st AS L/2015
Consort Don Luciano Foscari
15th Don Andrew Crowe from November 21st AS L/2015 - November 5th AS LI/2016
Consort Zianna de Arias
16th Monseigneur Chrestien de Valois from November 5th AS LI/2016 - present
Consort Theodosia de Valois
??? Viscount Durin Oldenmoor Tjorkilskin as of __________ at ____________________
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