The Rampant Squirrel

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Est 2007. First event was AnTir/West War, where Brizio and his kids, Cia, Fionn and Ellenwy, and Ian where in attendance. The Rampant Squirrels is a close-net group of friends that get together semi-regularly for the love and joy of SCA events. We are performers, craftsmen, dreamers, and schemers... and all the squirrely goodness :)

Core Members

Brizio de Maroni Corazzaio- Founder- Briaroak
Cai ap Thomas- Founder- Briaroak
Solbella haTayeret- Sub-founder- Couer du Val
VASA D'Este- Sub-founder- Terra Pomaria
Liuuara de Caut- member- Briaroak
Jennet MacLachlan of Loch Fyne- Member- Myrtleholt
David de Rosier Blanc- Member- Myrtleholt
Ellenwy of the Rampant Squirrel- Member- Myrtleholt
Fionn of the Rampant Squirrel- Member - Myrtleholt
Beer Wench- Member- Adiantum
Herotocles- Member- Adiantum
Charles Rose- Member- Glyn Dwfn