The Arts and Sciences Champion of Terra Pomaria

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The only championship created in the reign of Cesare and Astrid, 1st Baron and Baroness of Terra Pomaria, the Arts and Sciences Champion is the second earned title created in Terra Pomaria that began at Winter's End Tourney XXXIII/1999.


Determined annually at the Terra Pomaria Winter Event. The champion has always been determined by Arts & Science entries judged by a panel against other entrants. The panel typically consists of the current Arts & Science Minister as well as the current champion (if s/he is not competing for reinvestiture) and a couple other guest judges deemed knowledgable in the genre. Since its establishment, this championship has been determined on an annual basis. A champion may only succeed him/herself once and thereafter must wait one year before competting again. Categories for competition have traditionally been selected by the Baroness.


Entrants competing for champion are not required to have a consort. Since Winter's End XXXVIII/2004, the consort of the Arts & Sciences Champion has been deemed eligible for receipt the Honor of Elspeth's Iris of Terra Pomaria by the will of Marianna, 3rd Baroness of Terra Pomaria.


Includes a cape bearing the society symbol for Arts & Science and a beaded necklace containing a pin-plaque. All regalia has been created by previous Arts and Sciences Champions with the charge to future champions to continue adding to it.

Roll of Arts & Sciences Champions

1st Zengara Graywolf from March 6th AS XXXIII/1999 to March 11th AS XXXIV/2000
2nd Alainne de Lacy from March 11th AS XXXIV/2000 to March 24th AS XXXV/2001
3rd Vivien nic Uldoon from March 24th AS XXXV/2001 to February 23rd AS XXXVI/2002
4th Rafe Neuton from February 23rd AS XXXVI/2002 to March 15th AS XXXVII/2003
AS XXXVIII/2004 consorts eligible for the Honor of Elspeth's Iris by will of Marianna, 3rd Baroness of Terra Pomaria
5th Rafe Neuton from March 15th AS XXXVII/2003 to February 7th AS XXXVIII/2004
Consort Luaithrenn the Falconer's Wife
6th Adele Neuton from February 7th AS XXXVIII/2004 to February 12th AS XXXIX/2005
Consort Rafe Neuton
7th Raina O'Raghailligh from February 12th AS XXXIX/2005 to February 11th AS XL/2006
No Consort
8th Vivien nic Uldoon from February 11th AS XL/2006 to April 28th AS XLI/2007
Consort Skamp Widegrin
Although the Arts and Sciences Championship Tournament took place at the Terra Pomaria Winter Event resulting in the selection of a successor, due to Gawin and Marianna of Terra Pomaria stepping down prior to the event, Vivien had to remain champion until a new baron and baroness were elevated for her successor to be elevated.
9th Maccus of Elgin (aka Maccus the Wanderer) from April 28th AS XLI/2007 to February 9th AS XLII/2008
Consort Arianna of Waterford
10th Finna Grimsdottir from February 9th AS XLII/2008 to February 14th AS XLIII/2009
No Consort
11th Brigit of Guernsey from February 14th AS XLIII/2009 to February 27th AS XLIV/2010
Consort Geoffrey FitzHenrie
12th Geoffrey Albryght from February 27th AS XLIV/2010 to AS XLV/2011
Consort Katrine de Saint Brieuc
13th Mhairi mon myn Cymru from AS XLV/2011 to AS XLVI/2012
Consort No information
14th Egen Brauer von Starkberg from AS XLVI/2012 to AS XLVIII/2013
Consort Lady Mathea Volpella da Perusia
15th Rowan Spiritwalker from AS XLVIII/2013 to XLIX/2014
Consort [[]]
16th Countess Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonne from ________, A.S. XLIX (49)/2014 to Explorer's Harvest Feast and Martinmas Tournaments, 21 Nov A.S. L (50)/2015
Consort Sir Alail Horsefriend
17th Duvessa of Movilla from Explorer's Harvest Feast and Martinmas Tournaments, 21 Nov A.S. L (50)/2015 to Martinmas, 5 Nov A.S. LI (51)/2016
Consort No information
18th Lord Samwell Langdon from Martinmas, 5th Nov A.S. LI (51)/2016 to Martinmas, 4th Nov A.S. LII (52)/2017
Consort No information
19th HL Kenji Morikawa Katashige from Martinmas, 4th Nov A.S. LII (52)/2017 to the Bear and Apple Tavern, 20th Oct A.S. LIII (53)/2018
Consort No information
20th HL Nest Verch Alan from the Bear and Apple Tavern, 20th Oct A.S. LIII (53)/2018 to the Bear and Apple Tavern, 19th Oct A.S. LIV (54)/2019
Consort No information
21st HL Nemo Magnus from the Bear and Apple Tavern, 19th Oct A.S. LIV (54)/2019 to present.
Consort No information