The Archery Champion of Terra Pomaria

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The second of two championships created in the reign of William and Elspeth, 2nd Baron and Baroness of Terra Pomaria, the Archery Champion is the fourth earned title created in Terra Pomaria that began at Long and Short of It Tournament XXXVII/2002. The 2nd champion, Gawin of Kevelioc had to abdicate the title after being elected as heir to succeed as Baron of Terra Pomaria revealed at Summits Fall Coronet Tournament XXXVIII/2003. His selection resulted in a conflict of fealty that required abdication of his championship. Baron William and Baroness Elspeth released him at the next Terra Pomaria event Baronial Revolt XXXVII/2003 and after consultation with the Mistress of the Lists, it was deemed suitable that the runner-up in the last archery championship tournament, Duncan McKai, would be invested as the 3rd champion to finish Gawin's tenure.


Determined annually at the Long and Short of It Tournament. The means of competition involves input from both the current champion and the branch archery marshal. Forms of competition have included a "wand shoot," "royal round," "string shoot," and combat archery firing at a moving armored human target.


Entrants competing for champion are not required to have a consort. Since Long and Short of It Tournament XXXVIII/2003, the consort of the Archery Champion has been deemed eligible for receipt the Order of the Iris of Saint Elizabeth (also known as the Honor of Elspeth's Iris) of Terra Pomaria by the will of Elspeth, 2nd Baroness of Terra Pomaria.


Includes the baronial bow bearing the barony's arms, the baronial quiver containing arrows with the name of each champion etched on them (both items created by Gawin of Kevelioc) and a cape bearing the colors and arms of the barony.

Roll of Archery Champions

AS XXXVIII/2003 consorts eligible for the Honor of Elspeth's Iris by will of Elspeth, 2nd Baroness of Terra Pomaria
1st Matheus Bane from August 10th AS XXXVII/2002 to August 9th AS XXXVIII/2003
Consort Meagan Windemere of Oakwood
2nd Gawin of Kevelioc from August 9th AS XXXVIII/2003 to October 12th AS XXXVIII/2003
Consort Marianna ferch Orla
There was a period between Gawin's stepdown and Duncan's succession where the barony was without a Archery Champion
3rd Duncan McKai from January 12th AS XXXVIII/2004 to August 28th AS XXXIX/2004
No Consort
4th Brendan Strongbow from August 28th AS XXXIX/2004 to July 9th AS XL/2005
No Consort
5th Katherine Killigrew from July 9th AS XL/2005 to August 26th AS XLI/2006
Consort Ieuan Morgannwg
6th Nemo Magnus from August 26th AS XLI/2006 to August 25th AS XLII/2007
Consort Morganna of Green River
7th Gawin of Kevelioc from August 25th AS XLII/2007 to August 23rd AS XLIII/2008
Consort Marianna ferch Orla
8th Brendan Strongbow from August 23rd AS XLIII/2008 to AS XLIV/2009
No Consort
9th HL Maccus of Elgin from August 15th AS XLIV/2009 to XLV/2010
Consort Lady Arianna of Waterford
10th Archos William Cristofore of Devonshire from August 28th AS XLV/2010 to October 8th AS XLVI/2011
Consort Baroness Morrghan O'Siodhachain
11th Brendan Strongbow from August 23rd AS XLVI/2011 to XLVII/2012
No Consort
12th ArchosTryggr Tyresson from October 13th AS XLVII/2012 to June 8th AS XLVIII/2013
Lady Temperance
13th HL Iurii Levchenich from June 8th AS XLVIII/2013 to June 7th AS XLIX/2014
No Consort
14th Archos William Cristofore of Devonshire from June 7th AS XLIX/2014 to June 6th AS L/2015
Consort Baroness Ceridwen ferch Morgan
15th Archos Johanna Trewpeny from June 6th AS L/2015 to
No Consort
??? HL Rafe Neuton from 14th Sep AS LIV/2019 to 13th Aug 2022
Consort HL Adele Neuton