Sebastiaen des Roseaux

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HE Sebastiaen des Roseaux is the persona of David Hemmer. He currently resides within the Barony of Three Mountains where he is a Seargent to the Baroness and Squire to Sir Olin Ulfredsson. He is inspired by his wife, Baroness Erika bint Sitt al-Sada (formerlyErika The Dragon's Mistress). He is also the Deputy Guild Master to the An Tir Brewer's & Vintner's Guild.

More details about Sebastiaen including the persona origin, family history, Arts & Science interests, as well his martial endeavors will be added as time permits. So far, here is what I have been able to put together. FYI: I am working from an outline outward. if it looks will until more info gets added.

Persona History

  • Sebastiaen was born in France in what is modernly known as the Alsace/Lorraine region.
  • He is the third child of 5 born to a wealthy and influential merchant, in spite of being a very minor French noble who owned, among other ventures, a large shipping concern.
  • He has two older brothers and two younger sisters.
  • Sebastiaen was sent at a young age to a monastery to become a priest. It was here that Sebastiaen learned about herbs and medicinals, beekeeping, and brewing.
  • At some point in his monastic career, Sebastiaen broke from the church and returned home. He begged his father to learn the family trade. As his older brothers were being groomed to take over the family business, he was content to become a factor of sorts hoping to work his way into commanding a ship to move goods.