Red Dawn

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Red Dawn

(A Free Company)

The Purpose

The intention of the free company is a brotherhood of fighters interested in the exploration, furthering and teaching of the skills of honourable melee combat and leadership.

To this end the company bands together to fight as a unit at melee events under the command of an elected Company-Captain. The members of the company take upon themselves the duty of striving to individually improve their martial skills.

· We shall assist those who seek our help in furthering their own melee prowess, be they of the company or not.

· We shall endeavour to fight with honour, for the joy of combat and not for the laurels of victory.

· We pledge to stand with our brothers against all odds, to fight for them as they in turn fight for each other, to never yield while one of them fights on.

· We shall, by rotating our command, give all the opportunity to command and follow, thereby promoting leadership skills throughout the company.

NOTE: The company shall have no political aspirations nor be used for the self aggrandizement of its own members within the S.C.A.

The Structure The company shall consist of four parts:

- The Paradigms of the Red Dawn

- The Sword of the Red Dawn

- The Brethren of the Red Dawn

- The Bringers of the Red Dawn

The Paradigms of the Red Dawn shall consist of the founding members. These do not have to be combatants. To them shall fall the burden of keeping the company from straying from its stated purpose. They shall have a vote in company matters and the right of veto. A Paradigm can only be removed by a unanimous Privy Tribunal vote. A new Paradigm shall only be chosen to replace one who no longer serves. The new Paradigm will be chosen unanimous consent of the remaining Paradigms of the Red Dawn.

The Sword of the Red Dawn shall consist of the voting members of the Company who are authorized armoured combatants and who do not have an allegiance to any other warband. Each shall have a vote on Company matters. To these individuals falls the burden of breathing life into the company and keeping it vigorous in its actions. Members of the Sword may be removed by a 2/3 Privy Tribunal vote.

The Brethren of the Red Dawn are authorized armoured combatants who would associate with the company and fight with us beneath our banner, but decline membership in the Company or have not yet been admitted as full members to the company. They shall have no vote in company matters, but may be asked to partake of discussions and advise the company at need. Members of the Sword of Red Dawn may recommend to the Privy tribunal Brethren who have shown vested interest and participation with the Company to be appointed to the Sword.

The fourth part shall be known as the Bringers of the Red Dawn. These are the chosen support staff.

The members of the Company shall be expected to camp and fight with the Company on two, previously decided, occasions per war season unless they are unable to attend for other reasons. On all other occasions members have the freedom to fight with the Company, however, those who choose not to shall refrain from wearing the company raiment upon the field of battle.

Members of the Company have priority when planning joint travel arrangements to attend the chosen events, or other declared events, during the war season.

Company Decisions All company matters shall be discussed and decided by simple majority vote at a Company Tribunal. A Paradigm may veto any Tribunal decision and the matter will be taken up by the remaining Paradigm in a Privy Tribunal. A veto may be over-ridden by a two-thirds majority vote of the Privy Tribunal.

Field Officers - Company-Captain

- Banner Bearer

- Lancer

- Corporal

A Captain of the Company, hereafter known as “The Dawn” shall be elected at each war to head the efforts of the group for that event. Captains should not serve consecutive events. The Paradigm of the Red Dawn may remove a Captain prematurely by a majority vote.

The Captain shall bear the responsibility of mustering the troops at events, commanding them on the field, pledging the Companies swords for a battle and setting the direction of the Companies efforts for that event. All Companions shall pledge to support the Captain’s efforts on behalf of the Company. As the company grows, the Captain may appoint Lieutenants to assist him, or the company may elect them at need. Appointed Lieutenants hold that rank for the duration of the war in which they are appointed. Elected Lieutenants are a permanent position in the Company.

When possible, a Banner bearer shall also be selected. He shall be responsible for displaying the Company battle standard upon his weapon.

The Company shall be based upon the triad, a unit of three.

A Lancer is a member of the Sword who recruits two other warriors and commands a triad.

A Corporal is a member of the Sword appointed by the Privy Tribunal to command two triads under the overall command of the Company-Captain.

Staff Officers - Captain-General

- Quartermaster

- Sergeant-at-arms

The Company shall elect a Captain-General to administer the day-to-day affairs of the Company. The Captain-General shall be elected annually to serve for one year, until he no longer desires to serve or he is removed by a majority of the Paradigms of the Red Dawn.

The Company shall elect a Quartermaster to administer the equipment and stores of the Company. The Quartermaster shall be elected annually to serve for one year, until he no longer desires to serve or he is removed by a majority of the Paradigms of the Red Dawn.

The Company shall elect a Sergeant-at-arms to coordinate the day-day training and development of the Company. The Sergeant-at-arms shall be elected annually to serve for one year, until he no longer desires to serve or he is removed by a majority of the Paradigms of the Red Dawn.

Accoutrements The motto for The Company shall be ~

Es Vinco et Corrumpo (To Conquer and Destroy)

The raiment for the Company shall be ~

· Brethren : Parti-colour Baldric - Burgundy with black and gold

· Sword : Parti-colour tabard - Burgundy with black, overall the sun gold

· Paradigm : Quartered Surcoat -Burgundy with black, overall the sun gold

Their shall be established three banners ~

· One ~ for the battlefield, the war standard borne upon the banner bearer’s weapon

· Two ~ for the support unit, to mark their location upon the side of the field

· Three ~ for the hall and camp, which shall bear upon it the marks of those members past and present and those pennons from wars past

Amendments Changes and Amendments to the Charter must be ratified by a Privy Tribunal