Ravenstead Household

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Ravenstead Household

The Ravenstead household is dedicated to studying the arts and sciences of the Norse culture during the “Viking Era” (700-1066 AD) and re-enacting the lifestyle of that era in their encampments. They are predominantly a Norse household, including Danes, Swedes, Rus, and Byzantine Norse, and some of the members have Anglo/Saxon, Irish, and Welsh personae.

The goals of the household are to further the study of Viking Era life, to support household members as they develop their Norse persona and gather their camp items, and to create a period atmosphere at the Ravenstead encampments at SCA events.

Ravenstead household does its best to remain uninvolved in the politics in the SCA, and have no other affiliations with any other households in the SCA.

The household is not a religious organization. The members can vary in their spiritual beliefs – from Lutheran to Asatru to Wiccan to Buddhist to Baptist to anything in between. Their focus and direction in the SCA is on the Arts and Sciences.



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