Phillip de Mantel

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Sgt. Squire Phillip de Mantel was born at Malinwood Keep in the year 1388, the first child of Dyon de Mantel and Catriona of Rathcroghan. The de Mantel family line can be traced back to the Norman invasion. They have long held lands in England at Drayford on Severn, lands currently held by Phillip’s grandfather.

Dyon’s lands in Ireland were acquired by his great grandfather, who was one of the barons who fought to push Felim O’Connor out of Connacht and received Irish lands in exchange for his service.

Phillip has travelled to his Grandfather’s estate at Drayford several times. While his younger brother Seamus de Mantel went to live at Drayford for several years, Phillip remained at Malinwood. While his father is continually annoyed at his lack of interest when it comes to assisting the steward in management of the lands, Phillip has proved himself useful in negotiations and dealings with neighboring lords, both English and Irish. He has also made regular trips to nearby monasteries, though much to his mother’s disapproval, these trips are more about securing uisce beatha than prayer.

Phillip has squired to a prominent knight known both for his unrivaled skill in battle and with words. Phillip has trained hard under his tutelage and fought beside him but he longs for the excitement and glory of a serious campaign. He is always eager to hear news from England, especially any news related to tensions with France.

Squired to Styrkarr Jarlsskald