Nigel Compton

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Nigel Compton

Nigel joined the SCA on January 13 2011.

Nigel resides in the Barony Of Aquaterra.


Nigel Compton was born in 1291 in a small settlement in Southern England near Guildford called Compton. Nigel is now 49 years old and is living near Maldon.


Award of Arms (An Tir) Nov 19, 2011 (AS XLVI) Midhaven Harvest Feast AoA 02.jpg

Offices and Service

Former Aquaterra Grete Boke Officer (2012-2013)

Former Co-host of the Aquaterra Social Meeting.

Aquaterra Bardic Champion 2012

Current Aquaterra Gorges Persuivant Herald.



Leather bottles and mugs

Thrown Weapons


Performing Magic