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Pennsic War, Morrigan shooting for An Tir at the Champions Shoot, 2009
Resides: Barony of Montengarde
Date Started:
Awards: Order of Precedence
Vert, a scimitar and in chief three hawk's bells Or

Persona and Achievements

Morrigan was born in the highlands of Scotland around 1220 to a noble, but poor family. She was educated by the local church (when she wasn’t skipping out and going hunting with her cousins) and learned a lot about wool. By the time she was ten, her parents wishing the best for their daughter (read- couldn’t put up with her anymore) sent her to France to be married off to some pimply-faced Gascon that smelled of compost and was more interested in books than girls. Her escort insisted at stopping off to pray at the some saint’s shrine, and that’s where Morrigan heard a shepherd boy named Stephen preach about the Crusades, the infidels and how the Children of Christ could save the Holy Land.

Not being particularly concerned about the holy land, Morrigan decided that adventure was far more fun than marriage to a smelly Gascon, so she slipped out and joined the Children’s Crusade. It was a tough journey. Many children that accompanied them east died on the way but Morrigan kept herself alive with her sharp wit and hunting skills. Sadly, the ship they had sailed on was captured by Turkish Pirates and the children were sold. There she found herself auctioned off to her father, the benevolent and wise El Nahr, (also known as Master Hector of the Black Height) whose large, extended family welcomed her warmly, and she was renamed by the famed Dur al-Jabal (her loving abba) as Bushra al Jaseri bint El Nahr, taught the gentle arts of poetry, dance and singing, calligraphy and ciphering, learned to like the baths, and the harder arts of riding and hunting with a bow from the back of a horse. El Nahr’s household was very rich, and unlike her homeland where the bow was considered a peasant’s weapon, all the Prophet’s people took up the bow. Highly decorated bows were given as gifts to Caliphs and the Sultan himself. Even the Sultan's noble Mother shot a bow inlaid with pearls!

To shoot well was considered a great skill, and she was encouraged in her practice. She was fascinated at the differences between the bows of her youth and the short, lethal bows of her new homeland. El Nahr was a benevolent patriarch and did not force his daughter to convert to the Ways of the Prophet, which freed her from many restrictions her Saracen cousins followed. She hunted freely, rode the Steppes without guide or escort. Still under the laws of the Prophet, all unmarried daughters upon living seven years within their father's harem, were to be given their dowry and the option to leave, and thus she found herself in Avacal. Morrigan has earned her Grandmaster Bowman's ranking (having a Royal Round average of over 100 points) and is the first woman in Avacal to have earned that ranking and to have placed in the An Tir top ten. Archery is not her only passion, for she serves her Barony as deputy Seneschal, and has served as Event Steward for several events including Dragon Slayer, Hidden Treasures, Quad War and May Crown 2009.

Bushra's belt-father -- known to the Mozarab as al-Nahr and known to the Frank as Hector of the Black Height -- wishes it noted that all his daughters are beautiful, all his sons have character and all his grandchildren (he is thankful to report) take after their mothers. That said, he has a very soft spot for his flame-haired dancing daughter, who is no exception to the rule set forth above. He and all her extanded family send you, Gentle Reader, greetings and salutations and beg you remember that distance is no obstacle to love, loyalty and service. Bushra's belt-father also reminds all and singular that he reserves the right of second stroke in matters of his daughter's honour.

If you seek proof of the esteem in which Bushra is held, Gentle Reader, seek out tales of the Axe of Heroes and know that Bushra inspired such a treasure. For indeed she is such a treasure herself.

Household Affiliations

Morrigan, or Bushra, is an apprentice/protogee to Master Hector of the Black Height, of the Kingdom of Eldormere. [1] She can often be found in the company of members of Da Union, House SlaughterHouse (Kingdom of Artemesia), and of course with the Barony of Montengarde and on any archery range in the Knowne Worlde, or around any fire with decent drummers and dancers. Beyond service, archery and dancing (when her body allows it) Morrigan's passions include fabric painting, Turkic-Persian culture and food.


At the shire of Bitter End - Silver Arrow, 2005