Long and Short of It XL/2005

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Long and Short of It Tournament Home Page

8-10 July XL/2005
Barony of Terra Pomaria (Marion & Polk Counties, Oregon)
Lebanon Community Park at Cheadle Lake - US Hwy 20 & Weirich Dr, Lebanon, OR 97355
  • Baronial Archery Championship Tournament to determine an new Archery Champion
  • Baronial Armored Combat Defender Tournament to determine a new Defender

Event Highlights

  • This is the 1st L & S to be held on non-Terra Pomaria soil (The site was in the Canton of Nordholt).


Marianna and Gawin, 3rd Baronet of Terra Pomaria processing into morning court, Jul 9 AS XL/2005 at the Long & Short of It Tournament XXI. Photographer: Jean-Jacques Lavigne from Terra Pomaria Grete Boke.

Personal Memories

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