Loch Dorr

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Azure, a wingless wyvern passant Or maintaining two keys argent and Or, all within a laurel wreath, a mount Or.

East Kootenays area, BC

Loch Dorr became a Shire of An Tir in AS 27. It was carved from the lands of the incipient shire of Frozen Mountain, from lands that were held by the huge shire of Appledore. Because some of the founders had strong links with Valleywold in Saskatchewan, they had many visitors from those lands, and when the time came, they decided to be part of Avacal.

Loch Dorr was well known for it's hospitality and groaning board, as evidenced by the many gentles who travelled far to attend Avacal Coronets and investitures there, as well as the annual Easter Ithra.

Loch Dorr was placed in abeyance in 2004. The branch was dissolved in 2005.

Anyone who is living in this area and wishes to participate in the SCA is encouraged to contact The Incipient Shire of Ayresgarde for support as your nearest neighbour.