Letitia Talbott

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Letitia Cecily Talbott

Letitia Talbott baronessOfSeagirt.jpg

Letitia Cecily Talbott
Resides: The Shire of Hartwood
Date Started: AS XXXVIII
Awards: Order of Precedence
Offices: Seneschal of Hartwood

Azure crusilly moline, a demi-sun issuant from base Or, a bordure compony argent and gules.

This page is for Her Excellency Letitia Talbott. Seneschal of Hartwood on lovely Vancouver Island.

Bear with me as this page is very much under construction. There will be more to come, hopefully in a more organized manner than you currently find it!

With Joy! Letitia

Offices Held

Tir Righ Chatelaine Deputy (Drop Dead) - 2013-15

Seagirt Chatelaine and Demo Coordinator - 2013-16

Baroness of Seagirt - 2014-18

Barony of Seagirt Deputy Chatelaine and Gold Key Minister - 2017 -2018

Seneschal of Hartwood - Jan 2023 - Current

Event Steward

Multiple Tavern Nights from - 2004-2017

Seagirt Yule (Co - Feastocrat) - 2013

Tim Hortons Camp Day Demo - 2013

Rudd Park Demo - 2013

BCLC SCA Demo - 2013

Nordic Winds TUTR - 2014

Topaz Park Demo - 2014

UVIC SCA Club - Multiple demos and classes - rapier classes, sewing classes - 2013-16

Sidney Street Market Demo - 2014

Gottacon Demo (Co-Steward) - 2015

Island Fall Fair Event and Demo -2017

Sigiesta (Co-Steward) - 2017

A Tudor Yuletide - (Event Steward / Feastocrat) - 2019

Stag’s Revel (Co-Steward/Feastocrat) - November 2022

Other Notable Endeavours

Letitia Talbott was baroness of Seagirt (17 May AS XLIX/2014 to 25 August AS LIII/2018).

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