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Per fess engrailed argent and vert, in chief a drakkar reversed proper with shields Or and on the sail gules a laurel wreath, in base a sea serpent erect Or.

The Shire of Krakafjord (Vernon, B.C.) is located in the Principality of Tir Righ. The name was registered in March of 1997, and the branch arms, Per fess engrailed argent and vert, in chief a drakkar reversed proper with shields Or and on the sail gules a laurel wreath, in base a sea serpent erect Or were registered in April of 2003. Officially called the Shire of Krakafjord in Kingdom records, in the local dialect Krakenfjord is the commonly used name.

A Brief Shire history was published (earlier) as follows: Deep in forested mountains, north and east in wild Tir Righ, amidst fertile valleys and mighty lakes, protected by dragons, lives the tiny shire of Krakenfjord.

The shire’s humble beginnings harken back a number of years to a chance meeting between a travelling minstrel and a mighty blacksmith, Ljotr Ironbender. Hearing of an autumn show-of-arms in a nearby village, Ironbender led members of his clan to see what the Kingdom had to offer.

Being suitably impressed and assertive of nature, the small band of family and friends did negotiate the release of lands from neighbouring Appledore and Ramsgaard before winter settled into the valleys. The Land was cleared by sweat and sword and Krakenfjord was born.

Throughout the dark winter folks came and the small shire grew. Gypsies brought song and swords. The mighty squire Thorvald the Gentle came to lead the warriors. Many good gentles with varying skills came to swell the numbers before spring came to the valleys.

Well-pleased with the growth and enthusiasm of the people, His Majesty Jarl Hwolf Einarsson granted the people of Krakenfjord full and official shire status in May AS 31.

As a measure to keep peace, the people reached into their Viking past and created a contest of strength and skill to be held each year. Even when there was no conflict to resolve, as was often the case, warriors from far and wide came to fight for sport in Krakenfjord’s Holmgang Tournament.

Word spread throughout the land of the success of the young shire. Before long, Celts from the Highland began to raid the peaceful lands of Krakenfjord. But Thorvald had built a sturdy stable of fighters and the border held. Over the years the raids continued and counter-attacks into the arid realm of Dregate became necessary. Throughout the Kingdom the conflict became known as the Highland Fjord War.

Before many years had passed, Thorvald the Gentle became well-known for his prowess at arms. He was knighted and called away to serve the Crown as Chief Marshal for the Northern Region.

Life in the shire developed into routine. New people came and some people moved on. All in all life was good and times were prosperous.

In AS 34, Ljotr Einarsson, now a squire to the might knight Oak, was called into service to the Kingdom, leading the administrative services of the Crown as Seneschal. Ljotr led the Region to the Crowning of their first Prince and established the groundwork for the new Principality of Tir Righ. His knight, Sir Oak, was crowned Prince Einar and together their status grew.

Ever strong and ambitious, Ljotr then moved on to serve as Seneschal for the Kingdom and worked directly with the Crown, leaving the running of the shire in the hands of four of his closest companions: his man-at-arms, a Saxon named Hengest; the lovely Rhonwen, a Welsh lady from Rhyl, greatly skilled in administrative matters; Ruaidhri Silverhand, the Irish bard and rapier champion; and Gabrielle Silverhand, cheerful of nature and strong in stature. Altogether they steered the shire.

Shirefolk travelled far and wide throughout the Kingdom gaining knowledge and spreading their fame. And the tiny shire grew as a centre of learning and arts.

Krakenfjord is the people who live here. We face the trials and tribulations of everyday life with honour and pride and with the determination befitting a shire in the great Kingdom of An Tir. We stand together!

May XXXII/1997
Major Events
Winter Carnival Parade and Feast - February
Holmgang - September