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House Tenshi is mostly a Japanese-biased Household, based primarily in Lionsdale. It has diverse interests displayed throughout its membership. Even with several years after formation, membership tends to fluctuate, however most members are welcomed back without restraint. Most often known to be active in Clinton War and Lionsdale Champion's Tourney.

Membership is loosely stratified based on from whom the invitation to join was given from and length of membership. Members of House Tenshi benefit from sharing camp space, other resources and of course, companionship and experience.

Known Membership:


  • TENSHI Rayne-dono: Head of the Lionsdale branch, AoA, Artisan, Rapier and Heavy Fighter.
  • TENSHI Ryu-dono: Co-head of Household. Inactive see: Adrienna Tenshi
    • The co-heads of household, TENSHI Rayne and TENSHI Ryu, function independently of each other with local matters, but confer on matters of policy.

First Ranking:

Secondary Ranking:


House Tenshi is always involved in welcoming new people to take part in the SCA as well as helping to refine the skills of others.

Current Project(s)- Writing this Wiki article. Preventing wholesale fragmentation of the Household.