Her Harem

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Her Harem is a sisterhood of belly dancers, and part of the Towne of KeyPoynt. These women make the decisions, and are owned by no man, though espoused by a few. Founded by Amnara and Maetavienne and debuted at Autumn War 2007, it has grown to six talented members, all taking dancing names while in the Harem's service.

The Official Harem Roster

  • Aminah, Arabic for "trustworthy" (aka Amnara), the garnet dancer, favors the Egyptian dances and rib circles
  • Maysa', Arabic for "walks with a swaggering gait" (aka Maetavienne), the amber dancer, favors the Arabic dances and rib circles
  • Alzubrah, Arabic for "star in the constellation Leo" (aka Stella Fenix), the topaz dancer, an all-across-the-board dancer
  • Rasha, Arabic for "gazelle" (aka Mordra Matic), the sapphire dancer, favors twirls of any variety
  • Zahrah, Arabic for "star" (aka Ana), the aquamarine dancer, a natural at the belly roll
  • Zafirah, Arabic for "fierce woman," the amethyst dancer, dances to just about anything

Her Harem: The Rules We Dance Around

  • Only those invited may spend time in the Harem.
  • Those interested in being part of the Harem must be able to dance well and be unanimously approved of by the Harem members.
  • Those bringing music to the Harem are usually welcome to enjoy the satiny sumptuousness within.
  • All men must be approved of by the Harem members before entering the Harem, in other words, the women maintain all control. After all, it's HER Harem.