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Lady Helena at Twelfth Night XLIII

Lady Helena Zancani is mundanely known as Alana. She has been an active member of the Society since she was 12 years old. Helena has been active in West Kingdom, Atenveldt and several Shires and Baronies in An Tir. Helena was one of the founding members of Dregate Shire in An Tir, mundanely known as Omak, WA.



  • Baronial Chronicler for Dragon's Mist
    • Take minutes at baronial meetings
    • publish the Dragon's Tongue, our baronial newsletter each month
  • General runner, Egils - 1 hour
  • Information desk for arts & sciences classes Egils
  • Gate Shift Captain at June Faire


  • Baronial Chronicler for Dragon's Mist
  • Provided Largess to Kingdom
  • Managing serving staff at 3 Mountains Yule


  • Baronial Chronicler for Dragon's Mist (Starting April)


  • Provide digital content for An Tir Youtube channel
  • Taught a class at Carnevale


  • Exchequer for Dragon's Mist then transitioned to Deputy Exchequer for Dragon's Mist
  • Article writer for Dragon's Mist news letter
  • Deputy head of Retinue for Their Excellencies of Dragon's Mist
  • Managing serving staff at Carnevale


  • Baronial Exchequer for Dragon's Mist
  • Deputy head of Retinue for Their Excellencies of Dragon's Mist
  • Taught calligraphy class at An Tir Herald and Scribe Symposium
  • Taught mehndi class at baronial arts and sciences night.
  • Gate duty, Dragon's Mist Champion's event


  • Baronial Exchequer for Dragon's Mist
  • Deputy head of Retinue for Their Excellencies of Dragon's Mist
  • Created award necklaces for Dragon's Mist


  • Baronial Exchequer for Dragon's Mist
  • Painted scrolls for Baronial awards


  • Deputy head of Retinue for Their Excellencies of Dragon's Mist
  • Provided calligraphy for Baronial awards


  • Provided calligraphy for Baronial awards



  • Waterbearing
  • Charter painting



  • Waterbearing
  • Constabulary (security)


Name: Lady Lucrezia Helena Zancani

Origin: Venice, Italy

Location: Italy then England.

Current Year: 1536

Current Occupation: Wool Merchant

Helena was born in 1503 Venice to Lorenzo and Lucrezia Zancani. The Zancani family where cloth merchants with ties to the wool trade in England and the silk trade from China. Lucrezia had 4 children but, like most families, lost Nana at age 4 and Antonia at age 1 to a fever. Lucrezia Helena, called Helena to distinguish her from her mother, enjoyed an unusual education as she was allowed to attend morning lessons with her elder brother, Marcello. Afternoon lessons were more conventional 'womanly arts' with her mother. Helena excelled at maths and languages and began helping her father with bookkeeping in 1518. Extended war between Venice and the pope's League of Cambrai, and disgust with the pope's corruption cause Lorenzo and Lucrezia to become secret Protestants by 1522. Due to declining silk trade and fear of being discovered, Lorenzo moves his family to York and exclusively trades in Wool, carrying woolen cloth between England and Antwerp.

Helena's World

Helena's Family Tree

Mother: Lucrezia Zancani
Father: Lorenzo Zancani
1st Born: Marcello Zancani, son, born 1500
2nd Born: Lucrezia Helena Zancani, daughter, born 1503
3rd Born: Nana Zancani, daughter, born 1505 died 1509
4th Born: Antonia Zancani, daughter, born 1508 died 1509

World History in Helena's Time

* indicates persona history


  • Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain is born.

*Marcello Zancani is born


  • Michelangelo returns to his native Florence to begin work on the statue of David.
  • Leonardo Loredan elected Doge of Venice


  • Leonardo da Vinci begins painting the Mona Lisa.

*Helena Zancani born

*Nana Zancani born


  • Michelangelo begins painting the Sistine Chapel. He will not finish until 1512.
  • Leave of Cambrai formed between Venice's Neighbors and the Pope

*Antonia Zancani born


  • The 'great plague' devistates parts of Tudor England
  • Venice defeated at Adnadello by the League of Cambrai.

*Nana and Antonia die of a consumptive fever

*A tutor is hired to teach Marcello. Helena is allowed to attend lessons to give Marcello someone to practice his Latin with. Helena is a good student and her father allows her to continue morning lessons of languages and maths while afternoon lessons are in the womanly arts with her mother.


  • Copernicus writes Commentariolus, and moves the sun to the center of the solar system.
  • Venice allies with France


  • Machiavelli writes The Prince.
  • Henry VIII wins against the French in the Battle of the Spurs.


  • The start of the Sweating sickness epidemic in Tudor England
  • The Protestant Reformation begins when Martin Luther posts his 95 Theses in Saxony.

*Helena begins helping her father keep his trade and account records.


  • Leonardo da Vinci dies on May 2nd.


  • Antonio Grimani is elected Doge of Venice.

*Extended war with the pope and disgust with his corruption cause Lorenzo and Fiametta to become secret Protestants.


  • End of Venice's involvement in the Italian Wars.
    Lady Helena Zancani at 12th Night 2010
  • The Cocoa bean was introduces to Spain by Hernan Cortes.

*Marcello marries Isabella Bertucci.


  • Sack of Rome, which is considered the end of the Italian Renaissance.
  • Protestant Reformation begins in Sweden.

*Lorenzo’s trade in silk has declined drastically due to Portuguese trading routes.

*Decline in eastern trade and a fear of being denounced as heretics cause Lorenzo to move his family to England.


  • Henry VIII becomes Head of the Church of England. and begins the break from the Roman Catholic Church.

*The Zancani family establish themselves as wool merchants in York.


  • Henry VIII marries Anne Boleyn.
  • The future Elizabeth I is born


  • The dissolution of the monasteries begins.
  • Katherine of Aragon dies.
  • Anne Boleyn is beheaded for adultery and treason.
  • Establishment of the Inquisition in Portugal.

*The Zancani family begins shifting their trade from the dominant monastic wool to secular woolen cloth producers.


Arts & Sciences

  • 16th c. jewelry making
  • Archery (beginning)
  • Medieval and Renaissance cooking (beginning)
  • Embroidery
  • Costuming (emphasis on 16th c.)
  • Medieval and Renaissance dancing


  • Archery (beginner)

Awards and Recognition

  • 1st Bardic winner of Dregate Shire: 1998
  • Award of Arms: 2009
  • Defender of Arts and Sciences of Dragon's Mist, 2011.
  • First Dragon's Mist Bardic Champion, 2012.
  • Jambe de Leon, 2013
  • Hand of Fulla, 2013
  • Baroness's Favor, 2013

SCA Event History


  • Faire in the Grove, April 2007.
  • Blackthorne Revel, August 2007. Memorial wake for Esclave de Winter, a good man who embodied chivalry as much as any man could.






  • Carnevale di Venezia XLVI/2012, March 2012.
  • Fair in the Grove, May 2012.
  • Grand Thing VII, May 2012.
  • May Crown Tournament XLVII/2012, May 2012.
  • Dragon's Mist Defender Tourney, September 2012.
  • July Coronation, July 2012.
  • Autumn War, August 2012.
  • Boar's Head, September 2012.
  • September Crown, September 2012.



  • Arts Gathering, September 2014


  • Tri-Barony Yule Feast, December 2014
  • An Tir 12th Night, January 2015
  • Founding Revel, February 2015
  • Kingdom A&S, March 2015
  • May Crown, May 2015
  • Grand Thing, May 2015
  • An Tir West War, July 2015
  • July Coronation, July 2015
  • Sport of Kings, August 2015
  • September Crown, September 2015