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Well my friends, it has finally happened! Last night at the Three Mountains Council meeting, a consensus was called for regarding the support of a new group forming in the Gorge. After much discussion (and a lot of praise for our efforts) the council unanimously approved supporting us! That means we can finish our paperwork, file our name and device submissions, and finally become a REAL SCA group! YAY!!! Three cheers for the populace of the Pre-incipient Canton of Hauksgarðr!!

HUZZAH!! HUZZAH!! HUZZAH!! Well done my friends!

YIS, Your harried leader,

HL Kerryk Wolfram

At July Coronation A.S. 44, the Incipient Canton of Hauksgarðr was recognized by Curia and the Kingdom of An Tir.

July Coronation, A.S. 47 (July 22nd, 2012) The Incipient Canton of Hauksgarðr was granted full Shire status by TRM Vik Vikingson II and Astrid of the Fjordlands I. The Shire of Hauksgarðr participated in the Ceremonial elevation at the Barony of Stromgard's event, A Game of Thrones and Stormgods, held the following weekend.

August 8th, A.S. 47, the Shire held it's first Defenders Tournament at August in the Park V. The first Defender of the Shire is Throulfr inn Grai.