Gwyneth Gower

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Gwyneth Gower at Estrella
Gwyneth Gower at Estrella

Duchess Gwyneth Gower

Persona History


Arms:Plumetty vert and Or, on a chief triangular sable an acorn inverted slipped and leaved Or.

SCA History

Gwyneth joined the SCA in 2000 and helped to begin a small household in Avacal known as the Wolfpack. INCOMPLETE


An up to date listing of the awards and accolades I have received can be found on the An Tir Order of Precedence [1]


This list is just the beginning. The more I see the more I become interested in; I love to try and learn new things.

14th Century Tournament Culture

I am fascinated about the way in which so much of the courtly culture of the 14th Century, (and much of the Middle Ages), permeated the medieval tournament. What could have remained a fairly crude test of arms became a highly stylized display of wealth and sophistication. The pageantry and the great lengths to which people went to show off is particularly alluring and has been a focus of my research for some time.

Period (Historical) Cooking

Embellishment (particularly Applique)


Weaving & Dying

Persona: 14th Century Welsh.